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IntelliJ IDEA Blog

Oct 29, 2014 IntelliJ IDEA 14 RC2 is Available
If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve just published IntelliJ IDEA 14 RC2, one more release candidate packed with fixes and enhancements. Hurry up to give a glance at this new build, because if you’ll find no problems, it’s very...
Oct 21, 2014 IntelliJ IDEA 14 RC1 is Available
Today we’re excited to finally announce the availability of the first release candidate of the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 14, in which in addition to numerous enhancements and bugfixes you will find the bundled 8u25 JRE version for both the Windows and...
Oct 21, 2014 Java Annotated Monthly – October 2014
This month, we had the chance to meet thousands of you at the 19th annual JavaOne conference in San Francisco, and learn how developers from around the world are helping build a better Java ecosystem. Today is a tremendously exciting … Continue...