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Any issues after upgrading from Yosemite? 60 2 8 hours ago by Daniel Baryla
Disable spell checking by default (global options) 54 4 8 hours ago by urbaindepuce
Fileheader - Update Time automaticly 8 0 12 hours ago by Jörg Wrase
Problem with paths 29 1 13 hours ago by Alexander Chernikov
JFileChooser with Darcula theme generate nullpointer 26 1 1 day ago by Alexander Chernikov
Intellij SVN randomly skips committing files 93 5 1 day ago by Rayz
Idea 139.69.2 still shows excluded folders in Project panel 41 2 1 day ago by Rayz
Running IntelliJ 14 using Java 6 on Mac OS X Yosemite 173 4 2 days ago by Daniel Baryla
Subversion Handshake Failure 44 3 2 days ago by Sean Fahey
Debugger wont stop at breakpoints in static methods. 69 5 2 days ago by Alexander Doroshko
Yosemite dark mode 93 0 2 days ago by Trollmann
Cant make use of project or global libraries. 48 2 3 days ago by Pablo Suarez
Auto-update:  Connection failed 20 0 3 days ago by Paul Tamalunas
svn has stopped working 24 1 3 days ago by Paul Tamalunas
Active Editor preferences don't migrate through restart in IntelliJ IDEA 14 build number 139.1 110 12 3 days ago by Alexander Chernikov
Registering IntelliJ using license in JetBrains Account 75 0 3 days ago by Nilath Jayamha
New plugin to build Android apps with REST/JSON APIs 43 0 4 days ago by pjaillon
JavaDoc <p> instead of <p/> 30 2 4 days ago by Holger Schmeisky
File Template integer parameter/variable 24 2 4 days ago by Michael Maier
Automatic update 24 0 4 days ago by Sergei Zhgirovski
Code completion not working inside pom.xml 59 4 4 days ago by Alexander Chernikov
Debugging Dart application sometimes not working? 26 2 4 days ago by Wim Deblauwe
JavaFX Packager Error 23 0 4 days ago by Jürgen Hausladen
maven artifact list is empty 28 1 5 days ago by Alexander Chernikov
Resolve static assets without Web facet? 37 0 5 days ago by Chad Robinson
Using MoveClassesOrPackagesRefactoring to refactor a java file 27 1 5 days ago by Ivaylo Ivanov
Keyboard shortcut to switch from tool window to active editor 25 1 6 days ago by Adam Batkin
git diff no longer works in Update Project Info tab 268 21 6 days ago by Paul Bienick
Really IDEA13 not supporting JDK 7/8 108 2 6 days ago by Dale Ackerman
How do I configure IntelliJ 13 to show all compile errors in my Java project? 85 2 6 days ago by Eugene Zhuravlev
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