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Rules for arrangement methods by name 99 5 16 hours ago by Yaroslav Lepenkin
Red dependency in pom.xml 50 3 16 hours ago by Mark Vedder
syntax colouring failure 31 1 19 hours ago by Mark Vedder
Expected tooling support for latest Griffon and Gradle releases? 41 1 1 day ago by Vladislav Soroka
More flexible tool window layouts 248 11 1 day ago by Mark Vedder
Intellij IDEA Navigation questions (Mac OS X) 57 2 1 day ago by Prasad Chalasani
download sources problem 26 0 1 day ago by Tom Widmer
inline documentation not displayed in quick doc window(idea 13.1.4) 23 1 2 days ago by Dmitry Batrak
Include Java Archive in project 43 0 2 days ago by urbaindepuce
Including global files that exist outside of project root 28 1 2 days ago by Mark Vedder
I'm having issues with IntelliJ building when I make changes to maven files. 154 9 2 days ago by Carlos Bribiescas
Using ANT to build an IntelliJ Android project for using it in a Build Server 30 2 2 days ago by Egbert Jansen
HotSwap does not work on dependency classpath resources for WAR 34 0 3 days ago by Pontus Eliason
Valid Ruby hash showing error. How do I properly set the Ruby SDK to 1.9? 19 1 3 days ago by Tyler Jones
Imported WebServer project from NetBeans not getting WEB-INF files 18 1 3 days ago by James McGlaughlin
sharing web resources across modules 23 0 3 days ago by jack crawford
How to run tasks in foreground after sending them to the background? 122 11 3 days ago by Rijn Buve
Displaying a GUI 66 2 3 days ago by Ivaylo Ivanov
Gradle Module not working 71 4 3 days ago by Vladislav Soroka
IDEA not recognizing some AngularJS items 52 1 5 days ago by Eric Jensen
SonarQube support 62 2 5 days ago by Oleg Majewski
Intellij as possibly the most advanced Mac App AFA keyboarding / mnemonics 47 0 6 days ago by Stephen Boesch
git Push Failed error: cannot spawn fatal: unable to fork 34 1 6 days ago by K G
Gradle sync over-writes library settings 21 0 1 week ago by gubbins
How to debug remote tomee instance 49 1 1 week ago by john dop
IDEA hangs while getting subversion history 33 0 1 week ago by Vadim Vohmjanin
Using the jetbrains plugin repo 52 3 1 week ago by Alexander Doroshko
Building IntelliJ IDEA community edition 76 6 1 week ago by Vojtěch Krása
Are there any plugins that can "automatically update" the serialVersionUID of classes as their structures change? 48 2 1 week ago by Behrang Saeedzadeh
Removing author comment from template? 50 2 1 week ago by Andrew Kreps
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