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Newbie Help Gui Forms 18 2 10 hours ago by Ian Silverstone
Code arrangement - blank lines?  comments between sections? 23 1 1 day ago by Roedy Green
Switching from Darcula back to ... color scheme 41 3 1 day ago by Alexander Chernikov
Module compiles, but editor shows compilation issues 25 2 1 day ago by Arnoud Glimmerveen
IntelliJ Open-Source Platform Documentation 25 1 1 day ago by Yann Cebron
What is the status of Node.js as a Project SDK? 31 0 1 day ago by Nick Kaye
Gradle "cannot resolve symbol 'task'" 71 5 1 day ago by Yaroslav Bedrov
Label decoration ala eclipse in Project Window 350 11 1 day ago by Helge Walter
Compiling an IDEA project without running IDEA itself 29 0 2 days ago by Rohit Mathur
IntelliJ 13 hangs frequently 46 1 2 days ago by Eric Lindauer
How do I externally build an index ? 17 0 2 days ago by Rohit Mathur
some problems with Groovy compiler use 61 4 2 days ago by Max Medvedev
Deploy to Wildfly deployments dir instead of project's target dir? 25 1 2 days ago by Kawu
Single Method Interfaces, AbstractFactories, constructor references and intellij findability 31 0 2 days ago by ryan rawson
wiping the bottom bar 13 0 2 days ago by Roedy Green
toward better search replace feedback 15 0 2 days ago by Roedy Green
Where is IntelliJ IDEA config stored in OSX? 36 2 3 days ago by Alexander Chernikov
Shelve files but keep them checked out? 22 0 3 days ago by Rob Freundlich
Intellij IDEA 13.1 crashes frequently 109 9 3 days ago by Anand Narasimhan
Flex projects: streamlining the make/compile process? 33 4 3 days ago by Rob Freundlich
Refresh project files 20 1 3 days ago by Alexander Chernikov
Prevent coffeescript syntax highlighting fields as global variables 11 0 3 days ago by Gilbert Grant
Disable "Compilation finished" popup notification 38 4 3 days ago by Stefan Kerkewitz
Preview compiled coffeescript 40 3 3 days ago by Andrey Vokin
java: javacTask: source release 8 requires target release 1.8 (sbt project) 26 1 3 days ago by Pavel Fatin
[InterlliJ 13] Terminal tab switch hotkey 28 1 3 days ago by Yaroslav Bedrov
Artifact's setup cleared after external build 60 7 3 days ago by Yevgen Bushuyev
Keyword 'not' is not syntax highlighted in coffeescript 25 1 3 days ago by Andrey Vokin
IntelliJ IDEA Code Golf Plugin 68 3 4 days ago by Nikolay Chashnikov
IntelliJ IDEA 13. How i can remove "Destination Repositores URL" 24 0 4 days ago by Tolke Tolke
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