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How do I move / drag tabs from one group to another? 5 0 1 hour ago by Mihai Codoban
What plugins do I need to get WebStorm functionality in IDEA? 9 0 2 hours ago by Matt Steele
increase memory 7 0 4 hours ago by Doeke Wartena
IntelliJ messing my TFS config up.. 16 1 10 hours ago by Kenneth Egholm
Can't import static web project from GitHub 18 0 1 day ago by David Borenstein
How to stop using EAP 30 2 1 day ago by Kirk Stork
Anyone have a list of issues with running IntelliJ under Java 8 on OS/X? 19 0 1 day ago by Charles Wise
Gradle "cannot resolve symbol 'task'" 103 7 1 day ago by Yaroslav Bedrov
Attach the Android Debugger from a script 14 0 1 day ago by Franck BOMMEAU
Preview compiled coffeescript 48 4 1 day ago by Gilbert Grant
Cannot 'run all tests...' anymore 18 0 1 day ago by paul rule
running offline inspections: license needed? 15 0 1 day ago by Cristian Vasile Mocanu
IDEA 13 and JBoss 7 DuplicateServiceException 100 3 1 day ago by Dave Andreasen
Virus Detected in IDEA Update 31 0 1 day ago by Mork Afur
Spring SpEL operator - incorrect syntax 110 4 2 days ago by Yann Cebron
Compiling an IDEA project without running IDEA itself 53 2 2 days ago by Rohit Mathur
How do I externally build an index ? 38 2 2 days ago by Rohit Mathur
Is IDEA-122691 fix present in 13.1.2 19 0 2 days ago by Richard Osbaldeston
13.1.2 Regression in Tomcat logs view filter? 13 0 2 days ago by Richard Osbaldeston
Debugging nested Actionscript functions - see outer scope? 25 6 2 days ago by Rob Freundlich
TestNG - logging by thread 84 2 2 days ago by KenP
SQL Insert Statements data extractor does not wrap text values with quotes 7 0 2 days ago by Keith Wedinger
Flex projects: streamlining the make/compile process? 42 5 2 days ago by Rob Freundlich
vocabulary question 10 0 2 days ago by Roedy Green
File permissions problems accessing .Idea12 folder on Windows 14 0 2 days ago by Rupert Smith
System.out.println -> out.println + import static, Novice Tip 9 0 2 days ago by Roedy Green
Does IntelliJ support high resolution displays? 119 3 2 days ago by Martin Hansson
How to execute compass transpiler on project rebuild/make 22 0 3 days ago by drh01
Add one-shot Java EE libraries to project 46 1 3 days ago by Andrey Dernov
connecting to jdbc driver issue (Still a newbie to java) 38 2 3 days ago by Ian Silverstone
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