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builrd/resources broken for gradle projects ? 46 6 5 hours ago by Vladislav Soroka
java - Viewing links in source code comments 12 0 8 hours ago by stam stam
Haxe Flash Debugging 361 5 14 hours ago by Ben Y
How do I stop "New Module" from creating "src" folder by default? 34 1 1 day ago by Dmitry Avdeev
svn commit error 23 2 1 day ago by Christian Kindler
Support for editing EDN (Extensible Data Notation) files? 54 2 1 day ago by roan
Project-independent (global) favourites 51 2 1 day ago by Remo Fritzsche
Breakpoints and Class Filters Dialog 33 1 1 day ago by Egor Ushakov
IDEA 13.1.4 on OS X 10.9.4 sometimes slow/hangs 41 2 1 day ago by Stefan Scheidt
Creating a new project No Library selected 32 1 1 day ago by Mark Vedder
Portable IntelliJ IDEA 44 1 2 days ago by Mark Vedder
Editing booleans in the SQL table editor 32 3 2 days ago by Alexander Chernikov
Idea 12 not stopping on python breakpoints 27 1 2 days ago by Aleksandar Ristic
"Outdated version" yellow bar won't go away 76 2 3 days ago by Rob Freundlich
How to disable a spell check feature permanently? 40 1 3 days ago by Yaroslav Bedrov
Gradle fails to sync/refresh 120 7 3 days ago by Vladislav Soroka
IntelliJ Idea + GitLab 67 3 4 days ago by Jon Akhtar
How to debug Groovy file while running with grade task 22 0 4 days ago by shabar
Flex-specific Structural Searches 29 0 5 days ago by Rob Freundlich
Managing environment variables for multiple projects 29 0 6 days ago by duane rosengartner
Shortcut for focusing Filter field in e.g. Change Log tool window 34 1 6 days ago by Yaroslav Bedrov
Proper JPA Console Setting 49 1 6 days ago by Arthur Kahwa
Run/Debug configuration disappears 44 1 6 days ago by Yaroslav Bedrov
IDEA UE13.1.4 (Build 135.1229) Android problem? 126 3 6 days ago by Yaroslav Bedrov
How to exclude files from javascript-Debug? 162 1 6 days ago by Yaroslav Bedrov
Very Slow Compilation in IDEA 13.1 for Java and Scala Projects 181 8 6 days ago by Yaroslav Bedrov
Problem with Google App Engine 1.9.7 and IntelliJ 13.1.3 - Enhancement step fails 38 2 6 days ago by Mikael Nordgren
Compare view highlight colour? 49 2 1 week ago by Richard Osbaldeston
Different Inspection settings in Production vs. Test. 23 1 1 week ago by Alexander Chernikov
Where is Gradle support? 40 1 1 week ago by Mark Vedder
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