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Intellij air descriptor generator with Maven and flexmojos 35 11 34 minutes ago by Alexander Doroshko
Log highlight 20 2 1 hour ago by Mark Vedder
Intellij Terminal and Vim Colors 6 0 1 hour ago by Joshua Travis
Compare view highlight colour? 16 1 2 hours ago by Mark Vedder
IntelliJ compiler and security agent whitelisting 12 0 6 hours ago by Simon Thorogood
IntelliJ 13.1 can't open project it just created 61 4 13 hours ago by Dean Schulze
IDEA UE13.1.4 (Build 135.1229) Android problem? 83 2 21 hours ago by James Avery
maven_repository cannot be updated 142 2 23 hours ago by Alexander Chernikov
Attaching sources without changing public project configuration 25 2 23 hours ago by Alexey Dmitriev
Edit syntaxe highlighting 107 2 1 day ago by Jordi Cerezo
How to enable line linking 2 braces? 84 2 2 days ago by Ralph WreckIt
VCS - Enable commit message right margin by default 45 2 3 days ago by Marcin Zajaczkowski
Executing describe command in database console 46 2 3 days ago by Alexander Chernikov
Can I ask..something about Spring Xml code completion? 60 3 3 days ago by Mark Vedder
attach sources to multiple jar 156 0 4 days ago by Do Po
incorrect java and gwt compile errors 55 1 4 days ago by John Rellis
Android Studio 8.2 -> IDEA 13.1.3 78 4 4 days ago by Victoria Dumova
HTML preview: local file or internal web server? 45 5 4 days ago by Vladimir Krivosheev
Problem with Google App Engine 1.9.7 and IntelliJ 13.1.3 - Enhancement step fails 20 0 4 days ago by Mikael Nordgren
Missing Java Module from New Project Wizard 35 1 4 days ago by Mark Vedder
Does JetBrains have any plan on merging the IDEs into one? 171 6 4 days ago by William Zhang
Task-focused development? 71 2 5 days ago by Rob Freundlich
Project-independent (global) favourites 16 0 5 days ago by Remo Fritzsche
Very Slow Compilation in IDEA 13.1 for Java and Scala Projects 153 7 5 days ago by Simon Thorogood
How to exclude files from javascript-Debug? 122 0 5 days ago by Jörg Wrase
[Flex] Whilst debugging, sometimes editor window will duplicate 114 9 6 days ago by Konrad Machlowski
IntelliJ 13 running very slow 104 4 6 days ago by Andrey Vokin
Constraint for enum in structural search and replace 20 0 6 days ago by Otto Niehaus
Using IdeaC 13.1.3 with Scala 2.11 30 0 6 days ago by Monosij Dutta-Roy
Prevent "Search in text occurences" as default 59 2 6 days ago by Andreas Joseph Krogh
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