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How to change the Pinned mode of Maven panel 10 1 2 hours ago by Yann Cebron
Synchronizing editor tabs 22 1 2 hours ago by Yann Cebron
How to get all the packages in a project 16 1 2 hours ago by Yann Cebron
How to find all the packages in the project 18 0 9 hours ago by mangala shenoy
How to access Exception Breakpoints panel 9 0 10 hours ago by Mahmoud Adam
Custom name for Find Usages of symbol 52 4 11 hours ago by Marcin Rembała
New/Removed Module events 7 0 1 day ago by Erik Schneider
fileOpen comes *after* selectionChanged? 35 1 1 day ago by Terence Parr
FindUsage for PsiNamedElement with multiple PsiElement children 147 14 1 day ago by Alexander Zolotov
Graph Api / Diagram API questions 79 5 2 days ago by Alan Foster
Oauth 2.0 to Google 29 2 2 days ago by Dave Bergum
Re: How to retrieve a certain project component instance given a project instance? 9 0 2 days ago by Nikolay Chashnikov
How do I turn off superfluous code completion lex/parse? 55 3 3 days ago by Terence Parr
General advice - plugin development for renaming tool 36 0 3 days ago by Jamie Peterson
How works usages highlighting in file? Problem with YAML 19 1 5 days ago by Marcin Rembała
Duplicate entry message after calling Prepare Plugin Module ... for Deployment  [SOLVED] 80 7 6 days ago by Johan Parent
YAML plugin wierd behaviours 22 0 1 week ago by Marcin Rembała
How to trigger GeneralHighlightingPass operations after file based indexing process? 75 7 1 week ago by Marcin Rembała
My plug-in development notes 52 2 1 week ago by Terence Parr
Issues attaching jcmd and jmap to IntelliJ IDEA 20 0 1 week ago by Bjorn Tipling
How to add custom IntelliJ Language Injection to scala string-interpolation? 19 0 1 week ago by Roman Tabulov
DocumentationProvider and punctuation 35 3 1 week ago by Terence Parr
The dreaded "IntellijIdeaRulezzz" string 104 14 1 week ago by Terence Parr
How can I use DocumentationProvider for all tokens? 485 3 1 week ago by Terence Parr
When are document inserts written to screen? 51 2 1 week ago by Toby Weston
For a custom language plugin, how can my plugin be listed when a user opens a file and the dialog "Plugins supporting files with extension *.foo are found" comes up? 89 10 1 week ago by Charles Capps
Syntax highlight lexer "Error Shifting Segments" 26 0 1 week ago by Reuben Kuhnert
how to determine if we are in the middle of a 'rename' refactoring ? 15 0 1 week ago by Szymek Pindelski
how to intercept and handle 'rename canceled' event ? 10 0 1 week ago by Szymek Pindelski
How to disable text selection in editor? 27 1 1 week ago by Dmitry Batrak
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