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FYI: JPA/Ebean ORM, Maven working example on github at ... 20 1 4 hours ago by Andrey Breslav
Type mismatch: inferred type is java.util.ArrayList<org.example.domain.OrderDetail> but java.util.List<org.example.domain.OrderDetail> was expected 84 6 13 hours ago by Rob Bygrave
JPA/Guice gotchas 24 0 16 hours ago by Mike Hearn
NPE on constructor when instantiating derived class 56 1 1 day ago by Andrey Breslav
Reakt: A Kotlin wrapper for React.js 185 5 1 day ago by Andrew O'Malley
Support for Groovy style "Power Assertion" in Kotlin? 71 2 2 days ago by Andrey Breslav
Is it possible to use a collection as varargs? 66 3 2 days ago by Richard Cheney
How to make a Java-injectable field? 107 6 2 days ago by Mike Hearn
Multiple Java src dirs 122 2 3 days ago by Mikhael Bogdanov
JetValueParameter 45 3 4 days ago by Evgeny Gerashchenko
Nullable classes 45 1 4 days ago by Evgeny Gerashchenko
Inefficient API doc style 76 2 4 days ago by Christian Helmbold
[ANN] funKTionale 0.4_M9 28 0 6 days ago by Mario Arias
JS backend M9 trouble 90 5 6 days ago by bashor
Nullability and type inference 136 6 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
stuck with maven js project 35 1 1 week ago by bashor
Jackson module for Kotlin (JSON and other format serialization/deserialization) updated for M9 35 0 1 week ago by Jayson Minard
Using Sugar ORM with Kotlin 135 6 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
Playing with null-safety: Is this an error? 192 10 1 week ago by Oliver Plohmann
StringBuilder and Kotlin 152 8 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
kotlin-gradle-plugin - Unresolved reference: jet 55 2 1 week ago by Zoltan Nagy
incompatible ABI version? 58 5 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
Next version? 110 2 1 week ago by Dirk Dittert
Plugin repository URL needs to be updated. 40 0 2 weeks ago by Ilya Ryzhenkov
Make square brackets mandatory for annotations 692 49 2 weeks ago by Edoardo Vacchi
[OneToMany]List<Department> will be compiled to java.util.List<? extends Department> which cause JPA issues! 62 1 2 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
How to Create `Array<out T?>?` ? 65 1 2 weeks ago by bashor
groovy-api artifact truncated in JetBrains repository? 46 2 3 weeks ago by Andrew O'Malley
dev env question 81 2 3 weeks ago by Laszlo Hornyak
declaring java-interface on data class breaks "equals" 59 3 3 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
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