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Incremental compilation 14 2 8 hours ago by Jozef Kňažko
Will "It" variable stay or go? 117 7 9 hours ago by Andrey Breslav
How do I get tag build-0.7.478 built in Windows 7? 134 10 19 hours ago by bashor
Function literals - scope problem 75 2 1 day ago by Patryk Wąsiewicz
Unable to Use JUnit Theories 108 3 1 day ago by Mikhael Bogdanov
Using this inside an object expression inside an extension function 42 2 2 days ago by Mario Arias
IntelliJ kotlin project screw up 71 3 3 days ago by Dmitry Romanov
Pattern matching in Kotlin 158 9 4 days ago by Dody Gunawinata
Why does Pair not implement Iterable? 52 2 5 days ago by Eugen Kiss
What is the advantage of have "trait extending class" in kotlin? 62 1 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
Java's try-with-resources statement 114 6 1 week ago by Erik Lundgren
Unused result warnings 115 7 1 week ago by Andrew O'Malley
Is it possible to support predefined constants/macros as GCC does? 60 2 1 week ago by Cuper
Kotlin JSON wrapper for Jackson 128 7 1 week ago by Andrew O'Malley
Strange M7 error 80 2 1 week ago by Gaetan Zoritchak
Production readiness and roadmap 181 5 2 weeks ago by frantisek kolar
Improving Kotlin - A couple of thoughts 137 4 2 weeks ago by Cedric Beust
Dexx Collections - Persistent (Immutable) Collections for Java/Kotlin 93 2 2 weeks ago by Andrew O'Malley
How do extension functions work? 55 3 2 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
Kotlin and JDK8 105 4 2 weeks ago by Russel Winder
M7 Error 92 5 2 weeks ago by Mikhael Bogdanov
How to convert GBK charset to UTF-8 and insert data in MySQL? 54 1 3 weeks ago by Denis Korolev
Kotlin(JavaScript ) extension function to JQuery class 46 0 3 weeks ago by Kirill Ozerectkovsky
Need help understanding how to annotate as NotNull without Java source 57 1 3 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
Kotlin to JavaScript getting started 87 4 3 weeks ago by bashor
javascript call function by name 42 1 3 weeks ago by bashor
Expression Trees plans 104 3 3 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
Is it possible to Migrate Kotlin to MPS Gradually? 74 2 3 weeks ago by Suminda Dharmasena
Havlak benchmark for Kotlin: call for participation 546 8 3 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
Extension function with multiple upper bounds 72 1 3 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
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