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Samuel Johanson Samuel Johanson How to change code signing identity? 11 1 minute ago by Tom Welch
BRIAN CLEAR BRIAN CLEAR Method 'init' is defined in class 'NSObject' and is not visible 2 24 minutes ago by BRIAN CLEAR
Robert Audi Robert Audi Automatically align assignments (a la uncrustify) and other similar "inspections" 3 1 day ago by Mark Thalman
Bob Spryn Bob Spryn Multiline method chaining frustration 2 1 week ago by Bob Spryn
Johnathan Z Johnathan Z How to hide 'end of page' vertical line in editor 2 1 week ago by Johnathan Z
Anders  Carlsson Anders Carlsson Code completion - instancetype 1 1 week ago by Anastasia Kazakova
Nicolas Goles Nicolas Goles Why I can't pick the Font Family I want on App Code? 4 1 week ago by Nicolas Goles
Patricia LaRue Patricia LaRue Couldn't create target 18 2 weeks ago by Anthony Janssens
Swapna Gupta Swapna Gupta Was unable to find a destination 9 2 weeks ago by James Nelson
Doug Warren Doug Warren File not parsed / removed from Open File Dialog in large project 3 2 weeks ago by Anastasia Kazakova
TJ Gillis TJ Gillis Project no longer builds after XCode update 4 2 weeks ago by Anton Makeev
Doug Warren Doug Warren What is 'G' in Find Symbol Name? 10 2 weeks ago by Anton Makeev
webventil webventil Inspection to show wrong code style 3 3 weeks ago by Anton Makeev
Daniel Hall Daniel Hall AppCode annoyances 4 3 weeks ago by Daniel Hall
Konstantin Levashkin Konstantin Levashkin AppCode  <editor-fold > Collapse block < /editor-fold> 3 3 weeks ago by Daniel Hall
java developer java developer opening a project 3 4 weeks ago by Alexey Ushakov
Dmitry Lobanov Dmitry Lobanov analogs for Cmd + Alt + J and Cmd + 0..9 (Search through files name and Search through all files) 1 1 month ago by Daniel Hall
Tom Welch Tom Welch Does anyone know of a way to suspend a thread in the debugger 0 1 month ago by Tom Welch
Daniel Hall Daniel Hall Problem integrating with JIRA tasks 4 1 month ago by Daniel Hall
Krzysztof Siejkowski Krzysztof Siejkowski Unit tests run configuration pattern syntax 2 1 month ago by Krzysztof Siejkowski
shiraz sayed shiraz sayed Information Needed 3 1 month ago by Daniel Hall
Jeff Younker Jeff Younker How to set up Google Test? 1 1 month ago by Alexey Ushakov
Alexander Mack Alexander Mack AppCode - ObjC document shortcut like javadoc 1 1 month ago by Alexey Ushakov
Anders  Carlsson Anders Carlsson Run AppCode with Java 7 1 1 month ago by Alexey Ushakov
Jennifer Kuiper Jennifer Kuiper AppCode and C++1y/C++14 3 1 month ago by Alexey Ushakov
Bjorn T Johansen Bjorn T Johansen Xcode 5.1 and AppCode? 2 1 month ago by Bjorn T Johansen
Daniel Hall Daniel Hall VCS Questions / Request 1 1 month ago by Alexey Ushakov
Leslie Godwin Leslie Godwin Debug with Scribble, Guard Edges and Guard Malloc 4 1 month ago by Leslie Godwin
Daniel Hall Daniel Hall Code completion features missing in 2.5.4 6 1 month ago by Daniel Hall
Vincent Bonvalot Vincent Bonvalot Release for windows 3 1 month ago by Vincent Bonvalot
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