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Reformat code and empty lines 34 3 1 day ago by Ignazio Calò
Inspect code - without CocoaPods 12 1 1 day ago by Vyacheslav Karpukhin
How to terminate last debug session automatically 16 2 2 days ago by zzz ttt
how to view compile warnings 55 3 2 days ago by Vyacheslav Karpukhin
delegate method aren't "not used"! 56 2 3 days ago by Ignazio Calò
Tab completion is suddenly not working 60 2 1 week ago by Dave Castelnuovo
Ignore files or directories 53 1 1 week ago by Dmitry Semeniouta
Feeling a little slow.. AppCode + Unit Tests 45 2 1 week ago by Richard Burton
Launching Instruments from AppCode doesn't symbolicate the full call stack 44 1 2 weeks ago by Anastasia Kazakova
GDB2 53 2 2 weeks ago by Sterling Rouse
Change color of cursorline 60 2 2 weeks ago by Johnathan Z
Change color of indent lines? 56 2 2 weeks ago by Johnathan Z
Swift code in Obj C 311 4 2 weeks ago by parthiban subramaniam
Version Control with C++ files 127 4 2 weeks ago by Matthew Sullivan
Removal of leading spaces from comments 39 1 2 weeks ago by Anastasia Kazakova
Basic AppCode 3 Problems 100 1 3 weeks ago by dmdavis
AppCode is not internally using recent Oracle JVMs? 240 7 3 weeks ago by Gleb Dolgich
Ignore files or directories 26 0 3 weeks ago by Morten Nobel-Jørgensen
Swift support in AppCode? 1,687 19 3 weeks ago by David Moles
Excluding CocoaPods from refactoring 47 1 3 weeks ago by Artur Novak
Pods Project compiles in xcode; but not appcode 52 1 4 weeks ago by Artur Novak
Version Details 54 1 1 month ago by Artur Novak
Code formatter has stopped working properly 93 4 1 month ago by biddster
Loading a library when the program runs 59 3 1 month ago by Francois Fayard
Simulator missing in AppCode 3 92 2 1 month ago by Olaf Donk
Problem Using FBTweaks 41 0 1 month ago by Seamus McGowan
Removing @import frameworks from FrameworkGroup 55 1 1 month ago by Gavin Thomas
AppCode 3.0 CPU usage... 189 3 1 month ago by mtj
Linux support 87 3 1 month ago by Maarten Hazewinkel
Problems with OS.X Yosemite and AppCode 3 212 6 1 month ago by Kevin Monahan
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