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NSString with format format specifiers are not getting diaplyed properly 3 0 45 minutes ago by Chaitanya Gudapati
Is there a refactoring to move methods from implementation to interface? 4 0 3 hours ago by Andy Dent
symbol indexing keeps getting screwed up 118 10 1 day ago by Alexey Ushakov
how about a feature freeze people ? FIXME: bugs bugs bugs 177 17 4 days ago by george cook
Newbie confusion about keyboard shortcuts. 27 1 5 days ago by Gary Pajer
Next EAP? 120 4 1 week ago by parthiban subramaniam
Custom debugger view in C++ 104 2 1 week ago by Francois Fayard
How to get rid of file system level coupling between projects 31 0 1 week ago by Yves Le Borgne
what's the process for raising peformance bugs? 96 11 1 week ago by Anton Makeev
any help coming soon on the bogus AVPlayerOutputPushDelegate warning ??? 73 10 1 week ago by Yves Le Borgne
AppCode not recognizing that CocoaPods is installed 54 1 1 week ago by Dmitry Semeniouta
Limited cursor moving? 527 5 2 weeks ago by Cory Thompson
disabling zombies with AppCode (3.0.4) ? 64 7 2 weeks ago by Anton Makeev
How do I make the UI designer show iPad layout rather than iPhone 55 1 2 weeks ago by Maria Baburina
debugger wont start with a device (works with Xcode) 43 2 2 weeks ago by Yves Le Borgne
Filter project settings by key 39 3 2 weeks ago by Alexander Babaev
class focus issue in AppCode 3.0.4 65 2 2 weeks ago by niggeulimann
shortcut for right click 27 1 3 weeks ago by Maria Baburina
Is it possible to edit the background color of the project section (file list, structure etc...) 31 0 3 weeks ago by Michael Selevan
how to switch appcode to use xcode 6 beta? 61 1 3 weeks ago by Pavel Bernhauser
forcing a re-index 195 10 4 weeks ago by Dave Castelnuovo
how do I resolve standard libraries? 45 1 4 weeks ago by ivop
a 'non ARC' class in an ARC project 46 1 1 month ago by Maria Baburina
Disappointed in how JetBrains does subscription licensing 325 8 1 month ago by Jason Kratz
Release date for C++ IDE 199 2 1 month ago by Francois Fayard
Xcode 6 ... Can't open storyboard 169 3 1 month ago by Anton Makeev
Can I add a build button? 57 1 1 month ago by Alexey Utkin
Set default build path for all projects 62 1 1 month ago by Alexey Utkin
Code vertical alignment 84 4 1 month ago by Ignazio Calò
Swiftly moving target 136 2 1 month ago by Daniel Hall
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