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Confused over settings layers 19 2 25 minutes ago by Andrew Stephens
Building a solution fails from time to time after upgrade to R# 114 4 16 hours ago by David Razzetti
Problems with Resharper SDK nuget package 47 2 18 hours ago by Juliano Goncalves
Members Generation 20 2 19 hours ago by Paul Radford
First try and Jasmine test running in Resharper not working 6 0 1 day ago by Eric Bush
Visual Studio 2012 spins on startup after upgrade 107 7 1 day ago by Wayne Bradney
Highlight usages of selected word 29 3 1 day ago by Alexander Kurakin
Support for js-test-driver 6 0 4 days ago by Juan Mendes
Prevent newline when assinging to var? 46 3 4 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
Implementing methods of 'InterfaceMethod' were not found 55 3 4 days ago by Constantine Colotiline
Feature Request - R# comment syntax that doesn't suck 21 0 5 days ago by Chris Marisic
R# 8.2 compatible with VS 2013 Update 2 RC? 72 2 5 days ago by David Cuccia
Refactoring: Method Object 40 2 5 days ago by Carnifex x
Refactor: Extract Method and other occurrences 31 2 5 days ago by Carnifex x
Settings in team-shared layer not being applied correctly? 39 2 5 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
Resharper 8.2 Cannot Resolve Symbol after installing Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013 – March 2014 Update 166 10 6 days ago by rex ebin
No intellisense summary for javascript? 94 3 6 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
How to modify/disable preprocessor directive reformatting 24 1 6 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
Resharper does not show summary of methods 24 1 6 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
Resharper Extension Updates only shows nullref 36 4 6 days ago by wtijsma
Is there a way to change the comment style for copyright headers? 31 1 6 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
How can I disable the local variable list when type "if"? 23 1 6 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
Publishing a Click Once app from Visual Studio 2013 fails after upgrade to R# 36 2 1 week ago by Matthew Watson
Why is the option to generate delegating members disabled here? 33 1 1 week ago by Matt Ellis
Resharper Breaks Solution! 477 13 1 week ago by tracky cn
Find Usages via API? 53 2 1 week ago by Ian Corcoran
Resharper 8.2 + Viasfora 37 1 1 week ago by Frane Crnjak
Jasmine 2, 'shared' beforeEach 152 10 1 week ago by Victor Kropp
Unit Test Runner failed to run tests - CodedUITestFramework 14 0 2 weeks ago by Mark Holbrook
Loading Jasmine spec dependencies with TypeScript and Resharper 8.2 test runner 36 2 2 weeks ago by Ken Smith
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