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Creating "Find Usages" report for each public member 11 0 18 hours ago by Chris Andritzky
Clean up don't detect changes to do for big set of files 9 0 21 hours ago by oriol pueyo
How to preserve indentation in chained methods 15 0 3 days ago by Björn Walther
Order class methods based on interface 58 3 4 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
ReSharper test runner tries to load the wrong configuration 39 1 4 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
Formatting options for Visual Basic .NET 45 1 4 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
vs2013 - "an error occurred loading this property page" when viewing Options->Text Editor->C#->Advanced 40 1 4 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
Go to Declaration fails after the file with the declaration is closed, Strange Peek definition behaviour 59 1 5 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
new templates in resharper - javascript missing 46 1 5 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
Custom highlight policy. 30 1 5 days ago by Richard Deeming
Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 is hanging and slow responding with Resharper 33 0 5 days ago by Imran Baloch
R# reporting false compile errors in VB.net 47 3 5 days ago by Nick Layton
What is .DotSettings Housekeeping section? 98 11 6 days ago by Matt Ellis
Data Source Configuration Wizard very slow due to ReSharper? 41 2 6 days ago by Dan Ulery
False Positives after Git Checkout. 52 2 1 week ago by Miroslav Popov
Strange braces behavior 668 11 1 week ago by Alexander Kurakin
global keybindings? 31 1 1 week ago by Alexander Kurakin
Why no suggestion to add new parameters to a method instead of just creating a new overload? 106 7 1 week ago by Nick Layton
AppSettings and DLLs not found running unit tests 42 2 1 week ago by JorgeBurgos
AssignNullToNotNullAttribute inspection and TryGetValue pattern 56 4 1 week ago by Alexey Osipenko
Inspection Option Suggestion - Possible multiple enumeration of IEnumerable 14 0 1 week ago by Steve Smith
Is there a way to tell ReSharper what type of values it should suggest, specifically in XAML? 27 0 2 weeks ago by Tal Ericsson
Why my updated question has not been approved for two days 34 0 2 weeks ago by Ping Pong
Extend selection keyboard shortcut not working 83 4 2 weeks ago by eric liprandi
ReSharper loses color highlighting after "Reset All Settings" in VS2013 45 1 2 weeks ago by Eric Hood
Resharper 6.1 not working with visual studio 2010 28 0 2 weeks ago by Ping Pong
Problems with VS2013 ReSharper Extensions 9/2 (8.2.2001) 102 2 3 weeks ago by Brian Strelioff
Faulty suggestion to convert to LINQ in 7.1 53 2 3 weeks ago by James Coon
Any way to remove the space before colon in C# optional parameter 30 0 3 weeks ago by Wade Hatler
Go to implementation with interface in different project 49 2 4 weeks ago by Jonas Rasmussen
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