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How to set Windows phone 8.1 emulator as the default emulator for running unit tests using ReSharper 41 3 8 hours ago by Alexander Kurakin
Are the default set of style and code improvement options documented anywhere 74 4 1 day ago by Dan Neely
Resharper 8.2.1 suppot for VS 2013 Update 3 RC and .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") 22 0 1 day ago by Sakura Iris
PropertyPath for Custom Binding in XAML not resolved 123 7 5 days ago by Yosi Hakel
The next version of ReSharper will use Roslyn? 44 1 5 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
Xamarin.Forms - assembly attribute not recognised (VS2012, R# 8.2 just downloaded) 31 1 6 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
cleanup using custom pattern 42 0 1 week ago by oriol pueyo
Custom Pattern for String.IndexOf() = -1 30 0 1 week ago by Mike Myers
Incorrect warning of PossibleInvalidOperationException 57 2 1 week ago by HeSitated
Resharper Build 8.2.1000.4556 crashes VS 2013 to desktop when network connection fails 85 4 1 week ago by Mathew Foscarini
ReSharper menu options missing from project/solution menu. 63 2 1 week ago by Matt Ellis
Nullable DateTime with HasValue check 678 4 1 week ago by Marino van der Heijden
Override the font/color of code patterns 55 0 1 week ago by David Rutten
Can i make resharper replace a string using ALT + Enter? 60 2 1 week ago by Simon Lawrence
Question about HintPath for plugin experts 65 1 1 week ago by Matt Ellis
Need resharper coding standard document 90 1 2 weeks ago by Mathew Foscarini
Missing VB Quickfix "Create Function..." 78 3 2 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
Resharper Menu Item Sample partially broken? 44 0 2 weeks ago by Axel W
Can Resharper help me deprecate "And" in favor of "AndAlso"? 111 7 2 weeks ago by Richard Deeming
Feature suggestion: Convert method to Async 60 3 2 weeks ago by Klaus Luedenscheidt
Resharper Breaks Solution! 892 23 2 weeks ago by Damien Murty
AngularJS + Jasmine not finding mock file 106 5 3 weeks ago by Victor Kropp
Structured search help (or is it a limitation?) 65 5 3 weeks ago by David Roberts
CLI (InspectCode) to share temp directory with R# VS plugin 81 3 3 weeks ago by Matt Ellis
Is it possible to modify the typing assist concat behavior. 58 1 3 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
How do I configure "mandatory css class" warnings in Resharper? 65 2 3 weeks ago by Rob Straume
ReSharper Command Line Tools 117 6 3 weeks ago by Gordon Henderson
Using R# 8.2 with NUnit fluent Asserts 61 2 4 weeks ago by David Razzetti
Code Inspection fails when 'bin' folder is not present 61 2 4 weeks ago by Juliano Goncalves
Why is there no formal API documentation for the Resharper SDK? 108 5 4 weeks ago by Matt Ellis
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