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Aug 1, 2014 Solve a Tricky Ruby Problem and Win a Prize!
Hello everyone, You know that annoying feeling when you have crutches in your code and can’t seem to find a better solution, don’t you? Well, this is it. We faced a tricky Ruby problem: UTF-8 regular expressions fail when working … Continue...
Jul 1, 2014 RubyMine Tsubaki Roadmap
Hello everyone, Summer is the kind of time when we draw a breath and look into the future. In terms of development it is a good time for planning the next version and that’s what we did. Please welcome the roadmap for the … Continue reading...
Jun 18, 2014 RubyMine 6.3.3: RSpec 3 Code Insight & Other Fixes
Hello everyone, In these days of football mania all over the world, wishing all national teams a win and thus an award of three points, we’ve made the third – hopefully the final and winning – bug fix update for … Continue...
Jun 2, 2014 RailsConf 2014 License Winners Announcement
Hi everyone, Last weekend I looked back on the past few months and remembered the most exciting events of this Spring. Of course, I couldn’t help but think of RailsConf 2014. RailsConf always gives us a boost of energy as well as some good …...

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