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RubyMine EAP expired 28 3 1 hour ago by Uwe Kubosch
RubyMine Code Completion - Increase Relevancy 11 2 1 hour ago by S Javeed
Keyword "require" shown in red, but application is working fine 18 1 1 day ago by Jan Nowak
How to get RubyMine to autocomplete <=% ? 58 3 4 days ago by simon hewitt
Importing existing RoR projects as modules into a IntelliJ Project 26 1 4 days ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Unable to evaluate Capybara(selenium) methods in the debug mode 56 2 1 week ago by Igor Poltorak
Syntax highlighting changed on html.erb files 42 1 1 week ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
JSHint not found 34 1 1 week ago by Paul Rose
Error installing linecache..can't handle 1.9 yet.. 41 1 1 week ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
how to make a devise model 49 3 1 week ago by Andrey Vokin
Disable Spring and Zeus in RubyMine 165 10 2 weeks ago by Amitav Mohanty
How can I the best do a rails generate devise:install 38 1 2 weeks ago by Andrey Vokin
All <img> in RubyMine project are showing as broken image symbols 30 1 2 weeks ago by Andrey Vokin
IdE config Questions 77 4 2 weeks ago by Chuck Brotman
Variable tool window undocked -- how to restore it? 34 1 3 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Thanks for RubyMine Tsubaki 138.1466 7.0.0 77 0 3 weeks ago by Khalid Shaikh
Adding folders from the vendor director to Sprockets manifests 83 2 4 weeks ago by James Crosswell
IdeaVim Keymap for OS X 69 2 1 month ago by Alexander Gronemann
How can I dock the Evaluate Expression window in the debugger? 89 4 1 month ago by Matt Turner
How can I debug a multi-threaded web application? 74 3 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
How can I make a custom run config for a non listed build tool? 47 1 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Slight complication with a remote SDK in Rubymine. 65 3 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
How to use an environment variable in the arguments field of a run/debug configuration? 46 2 1 month ago by Derrell Durrett
reset Settings 36 1 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
RubyMine not recognizing Cucumber steps in shared project 156 7 1 month ago by Andrey Vokin
Show public / private / protected methods 53 1 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Connection error while adding new remote interpreter 62 2 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Can't stop RubyMine from creating BOMs 61 3 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Fill from Vagrant config not working 55 1 1 month ago by Dmitry Trofimov
Discrepancy on recommended JDK version for RubyMine 6.3 52 0 1 month ago by Paul McCulloch
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