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teamcity issue in RubyMine 6.3.1 75 6 4 hours ago by Dara Lillis
Project .ruby-version Settings: Cannot switch SDK. 41 1 4 days ago by Andy Pickler
Generating a model with a SQLite3 database 28 0 5 days ago by Louis-Philippe Carignan
Find usages not working 45 2 5 days ago by larryh
Jump to method not working 37 2 5 days ago by larryh
Javascript code indentation when passing an object literal to a function call. 48 3 5 days ago by nobashi
CoffeeScript debugger in RubyMine 6 - Not Stopping at Breakpoints 162 8 1 week ago by Kim Miller
new hash syntax have default color instead of hash color 51 6 1 week ago by Krzysztof Wawer
Aligning Case with When and Else 108 3 1 week ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
file icon doesn't display 81 8 1 week ago by Krzysztof Wawer
Bower support and asset path issue 84 3 1 week ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Rubymine 6.3 slow startup on Macbook SSD drive 51 3 1 week ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Right clicking on a project folder to create a file fails with exception 19 1 1 week ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Support for Mongoid Embedded association 16 0 1 week ago by Eugene Batogov
Rubymine 6.3 error on startup - Compass: Failed to run compass 199 4 1 week ago by Stephen Benner
Angular plugin doesn't work on latest Rubymine 6.3? 88 7 1 week ago by yoni pacheko
New Ruby Class with Module 52 2 2 weeks ago by Gary Pinkham
multiple caret in 6.3 works for a single caret only 37 1 2 weeks ago by Murat Cetin
Search in all non-ruby files (regex in file mask) 40 2 2 weeks ago by Konstantin Silin
Tweak auto-completion to not auto-complete blocks, but do other things, like keywords 37 1 2 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
RubyMine getting "You need to install git to be able to use gems from git repositories", but git is installed 69 2 2 weeks ago by Ahmet Dogramaci
I can't open rubymine ver. 6 from the console? 81 4 2 weeks ago by yoni pacheko
RubyMine 6.3 error at startup - xcode-select error blows up indexing 85 6 2 weeks ago by Gerry Duprey
RubyMine 6.3 Installation Failing 30 1 2 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
SVN access problems using RubyMine with a network shared project 84 5 2 weeks ago by Konstantin Kolosovsky
Rubymine Debugger Painfully Slow 297 20 2 weeks ago by Steffen Kirschke
Smooth scrolling on OS X? 181 3 3 weeks ago by Robb Shecter
Rubymine debugger tries to load javascript .map files... 57 5 3 weeks ago by Hector V
RubySDK and gems in Rubymine does not match gem environment in terminal 119 7 3 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Question on running a build script within rubymine 24 1 3 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
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