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vcs triggered build missing from "builds" and "buildType" rest response 8 0 11 hours ago by Matthew Daniel
[8.1.2] Statistics page not available - how to enable charts? 19 2 17 hours ago by Klaus Onrails
system.teamcity.auth.userId does not have permissions to access user info 79 13 18 hours ago by Steven Pont
Snapshot dependency fetching week-old builds - anyone know why? 66 5 20 hours ago by ProggerPete
NUnit runner 8 0 20 hours ago by Lars Kolsaker
Run Shell Script Before Build For SVN Auto-Merge 23 1 1 day ago by opticyclic
using wget to pass env variables in TeamCity 6.02 178 2 1 day ago by AA VV
Retrieving build parameter's value in custom triggered build 20 0 1 day ago by AA VV
Build Agent won't work 65 7 1 day ago by Sergey Pak
Managing Trunk/Release branches in TC 22 0 3 days ago by Lior Tal
Accessing Chain Builds through the rest api 48 4 4 days ago by Robert Whitelock
Build step: run only if status successful 13 0 4 days ago by Evan Swanson
Enhancement Request: Don't rebuild if version exists in artifacts 15 0 4 days ago by Craig Berntson
Artifacts not generated 16 1 4 days ago by Craig Berntson
Deployment Plans similar to Bamboo or Go 8 0 4 days ago by James Carpenter
TeamCity Code Coverage - Pare down via Namespace or no? 15 0 4 days ago by Christopher Bauer
How to disable SSL verification for git 15 0 4 days ago by Jakub Furicka
How so I set build from mercurial bookmark? 64 11 5 days ago by Dmitry Neverov
Doesn't compile MSBuild 9 0 5 days ago by José Henrique Kracik da Silva
SVN external reference - E160006: No such revision 518 7 0 5 days ago by mar99
Setting environment variables from build fails silently sporadically 204 18 6 days ago by Olivier Croquette
Manually using TeamCity's bundled svnkit-cli 13 1 6 days ago by Sergey Pak
Code coverage reports wrong (IntelliJ runner) 12 0 6 days ago by messi
Does TeamCity have support to build using xctool? 15 1 6 days ago by Sergey Pak
Passing changes in Inherited Configuration Parameters 23 3 6 days ago by Sergey Pak
Downloading artifacts results in empty zip file 16 1 6 days ago by Sergey Pak
EC2 Cloud Agent + Agent Push - Wrong IP on startup? 25 3 6 days ago by Sergey Pak
VCS Labeling with SVN + Externals 57 4 6 days ago by Sergey Pak
Is it possible do make a "historical" build? ("rebuild" a version) 92 8 1 week ago by mar99
Integrate TeamCity with Kiln (Git)? 143 10 1 week ago by Benjamin Howarth
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