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Build Agent won't work 7 1 13 minutes ago by Adrian Preuß
Accessing Chain Builds through the rest api 23 2 2 hours ago by Robert Whitelock
Code coverage reports wrong (IntelliJ runner) 6 0 3 hours ago by messi
How so I set build from mercurial bookmark? 34 8 5 hours ago by Wilka Hudson
Manually using TeamCity's bundled svnkit-cli 7 0 8 hours ago by Craig Snyders
Does TeamCity have support to build using xctool? 12 1 9 hours ago by Sergey Pak
Passing changes in Inherited Configuration Parameters 20 3 9 hours ago by Sergey Pak
system.teamcity.auth.userId does not have permissions to access user info 19 2 11 hours ago by Sergey Pak
Downloading artifacts results in empty zip file 14 1 11 hours ago by Sergey Pak
EC2 Cloud Agent + Agent Push - Wrong IP on startup? 22 3 11 hours ago by Sergey Pak
VCS Labeling with SVN + Externals 49 4 12 hours ago by Sergey Pak
Is it possible do make a "historical" build? ("rebuild" a version) 87 8 1 day ago by mar99
Integrate TeamCity with Kiln (Git)? 138 10 1 day ago by Benjamin Howarth
Recommended way to trigger downstream builds 42 1 1 day ago by Michael Kuzmin
Build feature "Symbol Files Indexer" 9 1 1 day ago by David Karen
TC Issue tracker integration 11 0 1 day ago by ili
Custom script run with teamcity build step 52 8 1 day ago by AA VV
Does "Finish build trigger" with 'Trigger after successful build only' and snapshot dependency set get triggered on svn tags/ ? 74 8 1 day ago by Sergey Pak
How can I get this custom build to work? 16 1 1 day ago by Maarten Balliauw
Change a build parameter based on the VCS branch trigger 29 3 2 days ago by Sergey Pak
VCS Trigger and Branch Filters 40 1 2 days ago by Sergey Pak
Multiple Agents on physical machine, wish to run cleanup task (build) but lock out other builds on the other agents. 18 1 2 days ago by Oleg Rybak
How to create a trigger using the REST API 43 1 2 days ago by Sergey Pak
Build Agent Cleanup triggering ?? 35 2 2 days ago by Sergey Pak
Should the TeamCity server be part of domain for Windows Domain Authentication? 54 5 2 days ago by Sergey Pak
Search directory in tcdata directory Missing 21 0 5 days ago by Brian Gray
Using templates with branch/HEAD [CVS] 52 2 5 days ago by John Meyer
TeamCity artifact dependency fails (401 Unauthorized on agent) 38 2 5 days ago by Alexander Köplinger
NuGet packages without content files 12 0 5 days ago by Claus Madsen
Modifying build.number from a script not reflected in AssemblyInfo patcher 15 0 5 days ago by Erick Thompson
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