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Extension methods 6 0 1 week ago by Jesper Balle
DotPeek PDB generation for assemblies without debug directory 164 1 1 week ago by José Manuel Nieto
dotPeek and NGEN native image files 22 0 2 weeks ago by Kenneth Cochran
Crashing on export attempt 46 1 2 months ago by David Manouchehri
Search does not work. Searching for example System.Int32 shows correct results, but clicking on an item in the popup does nothing 43 0 3 months ago by citykid
DLL not supported 459 0 4 months ago by Harell Juanico
Error's after decompile 66 0 4 months ago by joris dijkstra
Why  dotpeek is not able to open some exe files? 227 1 6 months ago by Alex Berezoutsky
Offline Installer 434 2 8 months ago by Nelson Andrés Lazcano Sedano
Obtaining code difference of two versions of a bin folder 179 0 8 months ago by Doihave togivemyname
in Properties, what do Assembly/Platform and Module/Runtime mean? 197 1 8 months ago by Elka Skelta
dotPeek symbol server not working 165 0 9 months ago by Jeremy Morton
Decompile getting generating bad switch blocks 156 0 10 months ago by Jolly Man
What is "__nonvirtual"?  And why does this decompiled C# code look weird? 299 4 10 months ago by Roman Kizelshtein
The dotPeek disassembles Interop DLLs incorrectly 165 0 10 months ago by Roman Kizelshtein
Plugins in v1.3? 247 4 11 months ago by Tim Schmidt
Web installer? 227 2 11 months ago by Uwe Honekamp
dotPeek 1.3 - Syntax colouring not working. 201 3 11 months ago by MrClyfar
Decompiled assemblies cache 189 1 11 months ago by Alex Berezoutsky
No extern Interop Disassembly Issues 332 1 11 months ago by Alex Berezoutsky
Debug compiled asp.net application 154 0 1 year ago by chocamo
dotpeek - send anonymous usage data 207 1 1 year ago by Alex Berezoutsky
Copy & paste from dotPeek to Visual Studio 2012 doesnt work? 213 0 1 year ago by John Newman
dotPeek 1.2 EAP Expired - no new version 489 2 1 year ago by Isidro Padilla
Clearing list of assemblies to fix crash issue 376 1 1 year ago by Isidro Padilla
dotpeek always crashes when an assembly changes 389 1 1 year ago by da dude
Thank you 340 0 1 year ago by Isidro Padilla
New release? 391 2 1 year ago by Isidro Padilla
Source file '' could not be found 359 0 1 year ago by Goutam Rajput
Reflector-style code browsing 381 0 2 years ago by Max Toro
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