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Complications on Mac OSX 10.10.2 25 5 3 minutes ago by Jacob Hein
Schema validation for Java EE job descriptors 32 0 13 hours ago by Torsten Fink
Open Non-Project File in Editor - How to change file type/mode 90 2 1 day ago by Robert Birch
Project SDK Version is ignored for Gradle 56 0 1 day ago by mos
running as root removes all settings and licenses 66 1 1 day ago by Mark Vedder
Migrating an Eclipse AspectJ project 34 0 1 day ago by Sascha Schönfeld
EAP fail 87 4 1 day ago by Donald McLean
Java 8 Lambdas in Structural Search 80 3 1 day ago by Bas Leijdekkers
IntelliJ Android course / training in The Netherlands 20 0 1 day ago by Egbert Jansen
Yet Another 14.1 EAP (IU-140.2683.2) Fail 102 3 2 days ago by Mark Kennedy
Actionscript profiler is broken. 30 0 2 days ago by Pablo Suarez
Maven archetype repository 36 1 2 days ago by Ivaylo D. Ivanov
Maven dependencies in workspace - but still download sources needed 86 3 2 days ago by Ivaylo D. Ivanov
Changes to external Java library not picked up by compiler? 99 4 2 days ago by Brian Kotek
Does anyone know how to enable TypeScript development for node apps? 33 0 3 days ago by Aleksandr Makov
Sequence diagram support for IntelliJ 13 24 1 3 days ago by Yann Cebron
Module Dependency Option Missing 69 2 3 days ago by Darren Evans
Analyze unchecked exceptions 20 0 4 days ago by Erik-Paul Dittmer
Debugger won't connect to Node js session 29 0 4 days ago by Brandon Collins
TestNG config generates java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: socket write error 38 0 4 days ago by amit basu
Idea 14 cannot resolve taglib with uri http://www.springframework.org/tags 23 0 4 days ago by Steve Saliman
Intellij IDEA project not recognized, created in 14.0.3, fails to open in 13.1.5 76 4 4 days ago by James McGlaughlin
CTRL Click in webapp JS not working 48 3 4 days ago by Serge Baranov
Any luck with Nashorn debugging in non-trivial scenarios 118 2 4 days ago by David Buccola
IDEA 14 Autopopup code completion not working 69 2 4 days ago by Thomas Beiganz
With @Inject on a field, it is not marked as never used. 33 2 4 days ago by Rudy De Busscher
Is it possible in Intellij (surround with method?!/refactoring)? 39 1 4 days ago by Serge Baranov
Creating a Intellij dynamic web project I can deploy to my tomcat server on ubuntu 32 1 4 days ago by Serge Baranov
How to define file types which appear in "New" menu 35 1 4 days ago by Alexander Podkhalyuzin
Questions about the "Changed Files" tool window 73 2 5 days ago by skingsland
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