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Strange spacing / selection behavior after upgrading to Yosemite 27 1 12 hours ago by David Castro
[DARTLANG] max_line_length for dartfmt 39 1 16 hours ago by Alexander Doroshko
How can I determine if a Maven dependency is never used in a project? 23 0 1 day ago by Dmitry Zhuravlev
Invoking Gradle task on module executes that task on all modules in whole project 42 1 1 day ago by Vladislav Soroka
IDEA breakpoints in GWT using Grails and Super Dev Mode 30 2 1 day ago by Konstantin Polyzois
Database view error 78 2 1 day ago by Tor Egil Jacobsen
Gradle and Out of content root error 37 0 1 day ago by mos
Where does IntelliJ send auth data from App "Register" ? 52 0 1 day ago by Matthew Ulrich
Navigate file does not find .sh 28 0 2 days ago by Chris Tammes
How would I get Intellij to use source files on another machine as its source files? 36 0 2 days ago by John Doe
How to get Intellij to recognize Hibernate <-> DB issues/errors? 42 0 2 days ago by John Doe
Plug-In developed with Groovy 2.3.9 and runtime on target is 2.2.1 (Idea 14.0) 48 0 2 days ago by Eric Sybesma
why is causing Error: java: Annotation processor 'org.mapstruct.ap.MappingProcessor' not found? 281 6 2 days ago by Brian Preston
In UML diagram, how to keep (or remake) the connections square with the x and y axes even after dragging? 32 0 2 days ago by Jacob Freeman
Java project does not build on windows 8.1 and Java 1.7 if dependency jar is not inside the project directory 46 0 3 days ago by Prateek Kumar
Copy Paste and SVN Problem 39 0 3 days ago by Rene E
How to copy files from shared resources folder for multiple modules 24 0 3 days ago by Giles Roadnight
This document contains very long lines message 30 2 3 days ago by Nikola Ninovic
[request] add support to run multi testng suite xml 14 0 3 days ago by Nick Tan
Ugly font rendering under ubuntu 15.04 60 1 3 days ago by matthias haeusler
Best Jetbrains IDE for HTML5 mobile development 94 2 3 days ago by Tim Crouch
Problems With Edit Code 31 0 3 days ago by Chente DavMun
Scopes from changesets 38 2 3 days ago by Richard Osbaldeston
Cannot make a runnable .jar, classes "missing", thought I fixed _jar.xml 41 0 4 days ago by ChocolateDougnut
How can I make the git "Commit Changes" (^K) window stay open? 63 1 4 days ago by Stephen Friedrich
Every time I start IntelliJ Idea I get errors reading editor.codeinsight.xml 17 0 4 days ago by Steve Lewis
Ambiguous method call false alarm with Java 8 passing functions to overloaded Scala method 47 1 4 days ago by Alexander Podkhalyuzin
What's up with the Scala plugin? 95 1 4 days ago by Alexander Podkhalyuzin
Export/Import settings forgets almost all of them!? 83 0 5 days ago by Frits Jalvingh
Compare any two Mercurial revisions 67 0 6 days ago by Ross Goldberg
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