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bug: ctrl-shift-tabbing to previous editor view detaches editor tab 51 2 4 hours ago by dave dontsave
High DPI Support on Linux in IntelliJ 15.0.1 (idea-IU-143.382.35) 80 1 8 hours ago by Anton Tarasov
IntelliJ and Tomee 7 snapshot (tomcat 8) 82 3 9 hours ago by devjee
How often new features from AS are merged to Intellij IDEA 187 2 12 hours ago by VASYL-DMYTRO DANYLYK
error "valide index.jsp file" 93 6 1 day ago by utilisateur utilisateur
update not working 135 4 1 day ago by Chris Tammes
Somehow I disabled the "add javadoc" quick fix.  How can I re-add it to the quick fix context menu? 49 1 1 day ago by Yann Cebron
Annotation processor run from the wrong directory 53 1 1 day ago by Eugene Zhuravlev
.ideaLibSources and .idea-build directories under %USERPROFILE% 162 3 1 day ago by Bekir Oguz
IntelliJ not recognising ?: operator and _csrf in Thymeleaf 67 2 1 day ago by Gonzalo Rodríguez Píriz
`Resolve Workspace artifacts` does not work 89 5 1 day ago by kg maven
EventLog: Project Data Sources - Model format version 2.1 is too old (2.3 or more required) 94 1 1 day ago by Serge Baranov
Groovy build very slow 106 3 1 day ago by Serge Baranov
Hotkey for toggling code folding? 66 1 1 day ago by Konstantin Kolosovsky
Indexing on focus 151 5 1 day ago by Colin Fleming
IntelliJ 15 "bad enclosing method attribute for class" compilation problem 95 4 2 days ago by Boaz Nahum
how to add android to Tools? 155 7 2 days ago by Serge Baranov
Opening .form file in GUI designer using intellij 138 5 2 days ago by Serge Baranov
Find in Path results - screen corruption with OpenJDK 141 2 3 days ago by Jeff Chiu
Bundled Eclipse Compiler version? 181 2 3 days ago by Eugene Zhuravlev
Is it possible to filter out injected Gorm methods in structure view of Grails domain class? 82 2 3 days ago by Jerry2 Gaines
Intellij Stuck Uninstalling Adobe AIR Apk File on Android Device 87 2 4 days ago by Lo Ka
Bug in generate / override methods from inner interfaces when interfaces have same most specific name 134 1 4 days ago by Anna Kozlova
Broken (or at least now highly annoying!) Ctrl-F find behaviour in Idea 15.0.1 166 1 4 days ago by Dmitry Batrak
Groovyc and ivy 249 13 4 days ago by Peter Gromov
Packaging JavaFX for Windows from Mac 146 1 4 days ago by Serge Baranov
IDEA 15 Debug: disable 'alternative source' 133 5 5 days ago by Egor Ushakov
Long compile time compared to Flash builder 139 7 5 days ago by Joseph Décarie
CSS formatting in play templates 65 2 5 days ago by Dmitry Naydanov
Need to change username in git pull 50 1 5 days ago by Kirill Likhodedov
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