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Is it possible to add a specific Ant task to IDEA's Build menu? 48 2 2 hours ago by Dave Merrill
Ant in IDEA vs on the command line 58 3 2 hours ago by Dave Merrill
Is it possible to use IDEA source formatter from e.g. Gradle? 32 1 3 hours ago by Serge Baranov
Adobe ADL freezing on simple errors 74 3 7 hours ago by Joe Shields
Is it possible to track time with Idea Community & Youtrack? 100 2 7 hours ago by Krystian Szczęsny
Atlassian plugin - Jira - captcha 29 1 8 hours ago by Chris Tammes
Intellij JUnit test configuration won't load Spring-instrument load time weaver? 16 0 11 hours ago by Tom Williamson
How to export code style? 67 1 16 hours ago by Daniel Baryla
Intellij IDEA without GC pauses 1,656 37 18 hours ago by raul suarez
Anyone know how to hide git ignored files in IDEA? 22 0 19 hours ago by David Jameson
Specifying SVN user name and password from Ant in IDEA 26 1 20 hours ago by Dave Merrill
IDEA 14.1.1 Ultimate keeps changing the .idea/misc.xml file when gradle projects are refreshed 44 0 1 day ago by szczyp
Antlib taskdef in IDEA 63 2 2 days ago by Dave Merrill
Importing Gradle project - getting JAVA_HOME not defined yet 39 1 2 days ago by Serge Baranov
docker plugin - no connection 133 5 2 days ago by Michael Golubev
Keyboard shortcut for Apply Changes in Changes View 55 1 3 days ago by Kirill Likhodedov
Java code execution timing 52 1 3 days ago by Serge Baranov
IntelliJ IDEA does not detect classpath library jar file 42 2 3 days ago by Serge Baranov
Displaying branch next to project name in Project pane 32 1 3 days ago by Kirill Likhodedov
Mercurial: Check for incoming and outgoing changesets. Where do I see the UI? 37 2 3 days ago by Konstantin Miklevskiy
GitHub issues do not show in tasks 50 1 4 days ago by Mikhail Golubev
I'm unable to import a file template 56 2 4 days ago by David Jameson
New Macro for External Tools / Create Pull Request from IntelliJ 29 1 4 days ago by Serge Baranov
Basic JavaFX example produces warnings upon exit 25 1 4 days ago by Anna Kozlova
2 main programs - how do I do that? 60 1 4 days ago by Serge Baranov
How to import Hybrid android app as two different modules? 38 0 5 days ago by Stephen Warren
Websphere remote debugging and SOAP connection 319 16 5 days ago by suedkm
Intellj IDEA - Reference project 36 0 5 days ago by Ansh Kay
intelij tasks rtc plugin? 28 1 5 days ago by Serge Baranov
Python plugin and conda environment 35 0 5 days ago by Suriyanto Lee
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