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dependency injection 106 9 6 hours ago by Jayson Minard
Convert closure to Comparator, JS backend? 117 7 7 hours ago by Andrey Breslav
ReplaceWith, change package 95 4 1 day ago by Mark Platvoet
Interesting comparison of Optionals and Null in Swift, Scala, Ceylon and Kotlin 82 2 1 day ago by Dario Elyasy
Exception: property should be initialized before get 65 1 2 days ago by Reza Shah
Please make this forum more friendly to search engines 135 2 3 days ago by Roman Belov
Square bracket operator with zero arguments 79 3 3 days ago by Andrey Breslav
Kotlin Stability 128 4 3 days ago by Dmitry Jemerov
Refer to enums by short name? 130 3 3 days ago by Robert Nikander
Generics and Operators 96 5 3 days ago by Mikhael Bogdanov
Kotlin and static methods 62 1 3 days ago by Mikhael Bogdanov
@deprecated, ReplaceWith documentation 46 1 3 days ago by Mikhael Bogdanov
Implicit interfaces 314 19 1 week ago by Cuper
Passing anonymous blocks to functions 109 2 1 week ago by Robert Nikander
partially dynamic? 79 1 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
taking inputs 83 1 1 week ago by Benjamin Gudehus
Kotlin Hello World 110 1 1 week ago by deviant
Duplicate classes in kotlin-runtime and com.intellij:annotations 89 1 1 week ago by Yan Zhulanow
Possible bug in companion objects (or compiler) 52 1 1 week ago by Alexander Udalov
<kotlinc> for updated sources only 156 7 1 week ago by Alexander Udalov
Array creation syntax? 71 1 2 weeks ago by Antonio Leiva
Expression Trees 107 3 2 weeks ago by Jon Schneider
Invoke nullable function property 61 1 2 weeks ago by PaweĊ‚ Gajda
Project source directory structure 71 1 2 weeks ago by Dmitry Jemerov
Using Java exception names 108 3 2 weeks ago by Cedric Beust
GWT and Kotlin? 80 2 3 weeks ago by Anders Bech Mellson
Preferable way to manage project 62 1 3 weeks ago by Hadi Hariri
Recommendations for working with SQL? 115 3 3 weeks ago by Jorge Mario Arias Casallas
Kotlin Android Extensions in product flavors 201 5 3 weeks ago by Yan Zhulanow
Classes final by default 235 9 3 weeks ago by Chris Kent
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