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Want to contribute. 82 3 1 day ago by anukin codewalker
Build fails after project cleaning - "The following classes have incomplete hierarchies" error 35 2 1 day ago by Donnie McNeal
Require @ for annotations 152 6 1 day ago by Mike Hearn
Kotlin Standard Lib: Extensions for External Classes 37 1 1 day ago by Dmitry Jemerov
Classes final by default 112 4 2 days ago by Mark Platvoet
Renaming "it" to another name 263 14 3 days ago by Andersom Rodrigues
Strange IO behavior 44 1 4 days ago by Edu Garcia
Functions reference question 111 8 4 days ago by Edu Garcia
Help: kotlin method generation problem in JAX-RS 49 2 5 days ago by outersky lu
Kotlin apps can't work with recent versions of Guice/Guava 35 0 5 days ago by Cedric Beust
Can't use TestNG with Kotlin 64 2 5 days ago by Cedric Beust
Generics question 153 13 1 week ago by Andreas Sinz
Use AndroidAnnotation generated classes 25 0 1 week ago by Reza Shah
Annotations at end of signature 41 1 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
Strange errors of Idea kotlin plugin 56 2 1 week ago by Antony Erofeev
Implementing an interface causes name mangling on JS target 108 3 1 week ago by bashor
Best practice for annotating java methods that potentially return null (@Nullable on java method seems to be ignored?) 100 4 1 week ago by Rob Bygrave
Why not "private" as default visibility modifier? 82 4 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
How about a "with" extension method to be like C# object initializer? 67 2 1 week ago by Dale King
Necessary typecast for generic sealed class 65 3 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
Make Java class literal easy ... or ... I'd rather not have Foo::class.java for the next 10 years 158 12 1 week ago by Rob Bygrave
Kotlin JavaScript (EcmaScript Target)? 65 4 2 weeks ago by Christian Schmitt
[Inject] and @Inject 94 3 2 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
A problem when I compile the source code 61 2 2 weeks ago by bo cao
source debug information for package class ? 53 0 2 weeks ago by Olivier Binda
Error: private constructors in Java and object expressions. 40 3 2 weeks ago by Benjamin Gudehus
liveedit/browser refresh 52 1 2 weeks ago by bashor
kotlin-web-site localization 56 2 2 weeks ago by Leejun Choi
KClass questions 198 12 2 weeks ago by Alexander Udalov
Compiler silently captures private fields in inline fun 53 1 3 weeks ago by Alexander Udalov
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