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kotlinc does not respect wildcards in classpath 20 2 6 hours ago by Ben Halton
Visibilities (post 1.0 stuff) 17 0 9 hours ago by Mike Hearn
Smart cast impossible because of threading 65 4 11 hours ago by Mike Hearn
Kotlin Extensions for Android - Editor Colours missing in IntelliJ 12 1 11 hours ago by Mike Brickman
Range expression: iterating between two LocalDate objects 33 2 15 hours ago by Gerson K. M.
How to execute a Selenium driven process on a different system from team city server. 22 1 1 day ago by Dmitry Jemerov
How to get height of a view in Kotlin? 21 0 1 day ago by Pamir Cevikogullari
JS Enum.values doesn't work 46 2 1 day ago by Jan Kovar
Funny interaction with reified types and Any upper bound 91 1 2 days ago by Denis Zharkov
Overriding properties from interface 59 1 2 days ago by Dmitry Jemerov
let vs. with vs. run 163 1 1 week ago by Ilya Gorbunov
Intent.action smart cast to "Kotlin.String!" is impossible (beta 2) 118 2 1 week ago by Mikhail Kutuzov
Lambdas and variance 103 2 1 week ago by Eugine Savin
Feature questions 156 4 1 week ago by Michael Bayne
Does anyone know how to instantiate a Javascript Date using Kotlin? 107 3 1 week ago by Jan Kovar
Are Kotlin's immutable collections thread-safe? 585 22 1 week ago by Rodrigo Quesada
Can kotlin have expression function body block? 284 6 1 week ago by Dmitry Luciv
How to avoid 'unchecked cast'? 88 0 1 week ago by Gerson K. M.
How to append a list to an immutable list of lists 237 8 1 week ago by Ilya Gorbunov
'final' is deprecated inside 'interface' but my code is not compiled without 'final' 102 1 2 weeks ago by Alexander Udalov
Android: "INSTALL_FAILED_UID_CHANGED" issue still present if function names have spaces 348 13 2 weeks ago by James Wood
How to get names of method's parameters 70 3 2 weeks ago by Dmitry Jemerov
JetBrains/Exposed status 121 2 2 weeks ago by Vladimir Rudev
ACCU 2016 conference 65 0 2 weeks ago by Russel Winder
infix functions with no arguments 78 1 2 weeks ago by Chris Kent
Idea: Syntax sugar for sealed classes 165 3 2 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
Custom getter/setter for properties created by type params 80 2 2 weeks ago by René Perschon
Abstracting over nullability 96 2 2 weeks ago by Michael Bayne
AndroidAnnotations or Butterknife 43 0 3 weeks ago by Nuno Filipe
Android, test projects, and modules 83 1 3 weeks ago by Natalia Ukhorskaya
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