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Kotlin SAM traits as lambda functions 75 4 1 day ago by Cedric Beust
Kotlin + Chronon 46 1 2 days ago by Andrey Breslav
KOtlin DEpendency INjection 75 0 3 days ago by Salomon BRYS
JDK 8 compatibility of Kotlin 260 7 3 days ago by Mike Hearn
Compiling Kotlin class inside application 65 1 4 days ago by Andrey Breslav
Align Kotlin collections with Java 8 streams API 123 2 4 days ago by Rob Bygrave
function main not found in class Main 64 2 4 days ago by David Feinberg
Kotlin Extensions for Android plugin not installing 38 1 5 days ago by Natalia Ukhorskaya
Unbracketed blocks in if conditionals 166 6 6 days ago by Mike Hearn
Fearless concurrency in Rust 136 6 6 days ago by Mike Hearn
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: kotlin/jvm/internal/Reflection 78 4 6 days ago by Oliver Plohmann
Illegal escape: ''\0'' 55 1 1 week ago by Nikolay Krasko
Building KotlinJS with gradle 101 3 1 week ago by Natalia Ukhorskaya
kotlin and java in the same directories for gradle build? 85 4 1 week ago by Brandon Barker
error: cannot access DrawerLayoutImpl after apply plugin 'kotlin-android' 146 4 2 weeks ago by Dmitry Kalita
JUnit and accessing resources in Kotlin 57 2 2 weeks ago by Brandon Barker
Kotlin and SAM interface with two parameters 136 3 2 weeks ago by Mike Hearn
Different ways to create data classes for JPA 51 0 2 weeks ago by Paweł Wysocki
Why no automatic conversion from JavaBeans properties to Kotlin properties? 71 2 2 weeks ago by Mike Hearn
Compiling for both JVM & JS 121 3 2 weeks ago by Graham Pople
In place sorting 87 2 2 weeks ago by Nicholas Bilyk
Kotlin Android Extensions in product flavors 127 3 2 weeks ago by Paweł Gajda
Inheriting from GridView / Secondary Constructers 90 3 2 weeks ago by Valentin Kipiatkov
Using the @FXML annotations in Kotlin to get at FXML 284 14 3 weeks ago by Paweł Wysocki
Importing kotlin-reflect.jar 61 2 3 weeks ago by Kirill Ozerectkovsky
Kotlin android extensions plugin cant parse my layouts 421 21 3 weeks ago by Yan Zhulanow
JavaScript backend support for AMD 44 1 3 weeks ago by bashor
KotlinJS JS headers 173 5 3 weeks ago by Neil Galarneau
Android, Rx and Kotlin: a case study 73 0 3 weeks ago by Cedric Beust
Kwery 0.1 for M11 77 0 4 weeks ago by Andrew O'Malley
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