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Kotlin idiom equivalent to Go Language If,Switch initialization statement 48 2 4 hours ago by Dario Elyasy
Union types 142 8 21 hours ago by Brandon Barker
Announcing Kobalt (alpha): a new build system 54 1 21 hours ago by Brandon Barker
Sealed classes design 162 4 22 hours ago by Dmitry Jemerov
The `$backingField` scheme was simpler and more powerful 86 2 22 hours ago by Dmitry Jemerov
Call for feedback : Why are we so blatently ignored ? 269 7 2 days ago by Mike Hearn
enum, start at 1? 85 2 2 days ago by Robert Nikander
Null Safety compiler check vs IntelliJ IDEA plugin 62 1 4 days ago by Benjamin Gudehus
Use of Kotlin Light Classes on IDEA Plugin 138 4 4 days ago by Rodrigo Quesada
Problems with M14 plugin 105 6 5 days ago by Natalia Ukhorskaya
Synchronized to modifier? 460 19 6 days ago by Andrey Breslav
Don't require `super()` to be the first statement in a constructor 116 4 6 days ago by tomjb
Naming: Continuations or Closures 105 3 6 days ago by Benjamin Gudehus
Android support forever? 101 2 1 week ago by Yuya Moriguchi
Slight Problem with Varargs 81 4 1 week ago by Jacob Zimmerman
Should native be a modifier? 96 5 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
Getting type from KMutableProperty.returnType 41 1 1 week ago by Alexander Udalov
What type is less specific than 'Any'? 91 4 1 week ago by PaweĊ‚ Gajda
Set nullability of existing java methods 35 1 1 week ago by Mike Hearn
Annotation in M13 182 4 1 week ago by Dmitry Jemerov
Problem: Scope in primary constructor is not class scope 66 1 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
No more Delegate interface 128 2 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
Kotlin AST 110 2 1 week ago by Justin Lee
How to do lazy delegates in M13? 74 1 1 week ago by Benjamin Gudehus
Regex: Easy way to match entire input? 97 1 2 weeks ago by Peter Niederwieser
Kotlin ORM Examples with MySQL and Gradle 101 1 2 weeks ago by Mark Platvoet
Feedback on upcoming language changes 126 2 2 weeks ago by Mike Hearn
Nullable upperbound 178 8 2 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
Android - Experimental Gradle Plugin 0.2.0 119 3 2 weeks ago by Eder Bastos
M13 - Generic Java class literal? 227 11 2 weeks ago by Cuper
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