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KClass questions 27 4 22 minutes ago by Edu Garcia
Kotlin needs try-with-resources 89 3 1 hour ago by Alex Dubinsky
How to avoid callback hell or "pyramid of doom"? 602 22 1 day ago by Mark Platvoet
Official Kotlin style guide? 37 0 1 day ago by Mike Hearn
Is there a way to suppress the warning of using java.lang.Object? 104 6 1 day ago by Mark Platvoet
How is Kotlin intended to be used with Node.js? 52 2 1 day ago by bashor
Gradle not seeing changes in Kotlin file 116 4 2 days ago by Yan Zhulanow
Custom compiler annotations 70 6 2 days ago by Edu Garcia
Allow infix calls for functions with default parameter values 92 2 3 days ago by Mark Platvoet
how to configure kdoc maven plugin 29 2 3 days ago by Laszlo Hornyak
'T' has a nullable upperbound 167 16 3 days ago by Terry Bleger
Mixing Kotlin and non-Java JVM languages 187 10 4 days ago by Brandon Barker
Confusion with generic. How to compile? 133 5 6 days ago by Svetlana Isakova
val overriding leads to NPE. Why? 86 4 6 days ago by Wfrukt Wfrukt
Compiler crush on extending inner class 52 1 6 days ago by Alexander Udalov
Best practices for loggers 401 13 6 days ago by Dmitry Jemerov
Kotlin as embedded scripting engine 138 2 1 week ago by Benjamin Gudehus
Java constructor specificity 49 2 1 week ago by Jérôme Velociter
No code in file warning or comment never terminated warning 56 1 1 week ago by Evgeny Gerashchenko
Compiling with module dependency not working 141 5 1 week ago by Jørund Vier Skriubakken
Bug with null safety dot 51 1 1 week ago by Natalia Ukhorskaya
Kotlin meta runner for TeamCity cannot find M12 100 2 1 week ago by titmus
What I'd like for xmas is ... in IDEA: Right mouse -> goto -> test 88 1 2 weeks ago by Dmitry Jemerov
Suggestion: IntelliJ Kotlin plugin's configuration: "Main class" -> "Main package" 101 2 2 weeks ago by Dmitry Jemerov
Is it safe to expect NotNull / Nullable annotations to always be present ? (Added to fields by Kotlin compiler) 160 3 2 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
New android databinding library 149 1 2 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
[ANN] KotlinPrimavera 0.4_M12 36 0 2 weeks ago by Jorge Mario Arias Casallas
Reduce function overload resolution problem 91 2 3 weeks ago by Russel Winder
Smart casting of Kotlin functions to Java SAMs? 77 2 3 weeks ago by Mike Hearn
No stdlib sources for m12 on maven central? 119 2 3 weeks ago by Mike Hearn
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