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Need help in preparing presentation about Kotlin 53 3 12 hours ago by Aleksey Zhidkov
Any luck with closure compiler? 37 1 1 day ago by Nicholas Bilyk
Android Unit Tests 184 11 1 day ago by Robert Peacock
Partial Class support in the future? 117 4 2 days ago by Chris Kent
Delegates.observable event is fired before a property actually have changed? 95 2 1 week ago by Jørund Vier Skriubakken
How to avoid callback hell or "pyramid of doom"? 274 10 1 week ago by Sergey Mashkov
kotlin.Collection vs. java.util.Collection 252 7 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
Is it safe to expect NotNull / Nullable annotations to always be present ? (Added to fields by Kotlin compiler) 65 1 1 week ago by Andrey Breslav
Kotlin android extensions plugin cant parse my layouts 506 22 2 weeks ago by Oleg Godovykh
Invoking nullable function variable 56 0 2 weeks ago by Paweł Gajda
extended use of inline functions with structural types for example 75 1 2 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
Extension objects/classes 137 1 2 weeks ago by Andrey Breslav
Support relational operators for when 67 2 2 weeks ago by Dale King
Is there a way of escaping String templates? 138 2 3 weeks ago by Pavel Talanov
Examples on how to setup a maven war project using Kotlin to generate client side Javascript 271 18 3 weeks ago by Sebastian Nozzi
Is the kotlin-stdlib supposed to work with Kotlin Javascript? 48 1 3 weeks ago by bashor
Is open modifier needed for accessing properties in super class? 64 5 3 weeks ago by bashor
Question on default final on classes and interoperation with existing cglib ecosystem 107 3 3 weeks ago by Chris Kent
Kotlin android extension don't know <Space /> 24 0 3 weeks ago by Dmitriy Voronin
duplicate org.jetbrains.annotations when adding kotlin to android project 51 1 4 weeks ago by Brennan Taylor
Help setting up kotlin in webapp using Maven 53 1 4 weeks ago by Jørund Vier Skriubakken
Type mismatch when passing functional interface argument 60 2 4 weeks ago by Terry Bleger
Java dependencies "not a valid Kotlin Javascript library" 80 5 1 month ago by Jørund Vier Skriubakken
Fearless concurrency in Rust 308 11 1 month ago by Oliver Plohmann
Generics and specialization in another JVM language, Genus 122 4 1 month ago by Brandon Barker
[reflection] How to get companion object and new instance from ::class via reflection? 57 1 1 month ago by Alexander Udalov
KDoc questions 54 1 1 month ago by Dmitry Jemerov
Does Kotlin have something similar to RxJava scan ? 47 0 1 month ago by Olivier Binda
Cannot use take/takeWhile on Sequence 70 2 1 month ago by Dmitry Suzdalev
Using the @FXML annotations in Kotlin to get at FXML 353 15 1 month ago by Ivan Timofeev
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