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Aug 26, 2015 Welcome AppCode 3.2 release!
Today we are happy to share with you the official release of AppCode 3.2. We’ve put a lot of effort into this to bring you better Swift development experience and a host of Swift productivity features. Let’s see what’s on … Continue reading...
Aug 21, 2015 AppCode 3.2 RC2
Hi everyone! After the first release candidate we decided to publish several important improvements for Swift type inference in subscripts and expressions with operators. These changes are incorporated into RC2 (build 141.2456). Please refer to our...
Aug 20, 2015 AppCode 3.2 Release Candidate
AppCode 3.2 Release Candidate (build 141.2455) is out today! A few days left before the official release of AppCode 3.2, and we really appreciate your feedback at this stage. If you find any bug at all, please file an issue … Continue reading...



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