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Hisham Alabri Hisham Alabri Zero Simulators To Run or Debug 4 6 days ago by Anna Filippova
Ivan Perelivskiy Ivan Perelivskiy Idle AppCode 3.1.5 CPU usage 2 1 week ago by katabrain
Johnathan Z Johnathan Z Search Everywhere only searches class names? 1 1 week ago by Anna Filippova
Idris Raja Idris Raja AppCode doesnt allow VIM based navigation in Read-Only files 5 1 week ago by Idris Raja
virtualspecies virtualspecies Auto-completion for editing HTML 4 1 week ago by Erik Zielke
Peter Bone Peter Bone OSX 10.11 - El Capitan 2 2 weeks ago by Anna Filippova
Thomas Dubiel Thomas Dubiel AppCode 3.1.7 and Xcode 7 - showing false errors in coding 0 3 weeks ago by Thomas Dubiel
Jordan  Davies Jordan Davies Xcode 7 Beta - iOS Device 1 3 weeks ago by Anna Filippova
Saqib  Saleem Saqib Saleem Quick support 1 3 weeks ago by Anna Filippova
Michael Daw Michael Daw code completion across frameworks 2 4 weeks ago by Michael Daw
Matthew Adams Matthew Adams iOS Simulator not listed 4 1 month ago by Matthew Adams
Keran Marinov Keran Marinov Autocomplete is disappointing with function parameters 1 1 month ago by Tatiana Shabaeva
Raymund Beyer Raymund Beyer Swift to ObjC Bridging Header - marked as error 2 1 month ago by Raymund Beyer
Ryan Grey Ryan Grey Change Project View Position 2 1 month ago by Ryan Grey
Thomas Condon Thomas Condon New AppCode development 4 1 month ago by Raymund Beyer
Joshua Sullivan Joshua Sullivan Modify Surround With "if respondsToSelector" behavior? 3 1 month ago by Anton Makeev
Steve Peh Steve Peh Do you want the application “LLDBProtobufFrontend” to accept incoming network connections? 1 1 month ago by Anna Filippova
Olof Hedman Olof Hedman How broken is the c++ debugger? 4 1 month ago by Olof Hedman
Max Polinkovsky Max Polinkovsky Нow to connect IOS emulators? 3 1 month ago by Anastasia Kazakova
Troy Walters Troy Walters Swift string variables color coding 2 1 month ago by Troy Walters
Troy Walters Troy Walters Swift Implement/Override - does it work? 2 1 month ago by Troy Walters
Bastien MUNOZ Bastien MUNOZ How to apply constraints? 4 2 months ago by Bastien MUNOZ
Raymund Beyer Raymund Beyer Code format for override and @IBAction 1 2 months ago by Anna Filippova
Bruce Vander Werf Bruce Vander Werf Just Warnings/Errors in Build Messages window? 1 2 months ago by Anna Filippova
Mark Anders Mark Anders Any way for AppCode to work with multiple Git repositories in a workspace? 0 2 months ago by Mark Anders
Rafal Machnik Rafal Machnik AppCode + swift = no code completion, no quick documentation 3 2 months ago by Tatiana Shabaeva
Sohail Ahmed Sohail Ahmed Code Style: Align Consecutive Assignments? 2 3 months ago by Sohail Ahmed
Brian Smith Brian Smith Swift Array item code completion not working 1 3 months ago by Anna Filippova
alex n alex n autocompletion for #define adds extra bracket 1 3 months ago by Anna Filippova
Johannes Lagos Johannes Lagos Set application language and region 2 3 months ago by Johannes Lagos
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