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Florian Mielke Florian Mielke "Error after macro substitution..." when using OCMock's "andReturn" 1 2 hours ago by Fryderyk Dyc
Thomas Ã…kerlund Thomas Ã…kerlund Is it possible to change the fonts and color in the structure file popup 3 2 hours ago by Renat Makhkamov
Keran Marinov Keran Marinov Autocomplete is disappointing with function parameters 3 1 day ago by Tatiana Shabaeva
Charles Mousseau Charles Mousseau AppCode 3.2 autocomplete exceedingly slow (2-3 second delay), any way to fix this? 1 1 week ago by Anna Filippova
Al Lelopath Al Lelopath Looking for a Hello Word tutorial using AppCode and Swift 0 1 week ago by Al Lelopath
Al Lelopath Al Lelopath Unable to install QuickDialog via CocoaPods in AppCode 5 1 week ago by Al Lelopath
tadnicol tadnicol Debug Builds: EXC_BAD_ACCESS in AppCode Build but not in Xcode Build 1 1 week ago by Anna Filippova
C++ Guru C++ Guru C++ Guru C++ Guru [SOLVED] How to enable display of Resources in AppCode ? 2 2 weeks ago by C++ Guru C++ Guru
Amit Goldstein Amit Goldstein Fix type resolving for method starting with "new.."? 0 2 weeks ago by Amit Goldstein
damjan stulic damjan stulic attach to future process 1 2 weeks ago by Anna Filippova
Ivan Perelivskiy Ivan Perelivskiy Idle AppCode 3.1.5 CPU usage 14 2 weeks ago by Matt Diiorio
Mark Anders Mark Anders Should AppCode 3.2 build 141.2000 work on OS X 10.11 with XCode 7? 2 2 weeks ago by Anna Filippova
Jacob Hite Jacob Hite run iphone app in appcode 4 2 weeks ago by Jacob Hite
David Baun David Baun Find Results - Group By File Structure doesn't work 2 3 weeks ago by David Baun
Stefan Kerkewitz Stefan Kerkewitz Unused Code detection broken in EAP 141.2263.29? 1 3 weeks ago by Stefan Kerkewitz
anirudha shingote anirudha shingote Build fails in AppCode, but works in XCode (Linker Issues). 0 1 month ago by anirudha shingote
Hisham Alabri Hisham Alabri Zero Simulators To Run or Debug 5 1 month ago by Hisham Alabri
Nicholas Sterling Nicholas Sterling Need tiny fonts and unlimited console output 0 1 month ago by Nicholas Sterling
Neil Clayton Neil Clayton Any way to kick off  a Run configuration with a dynamic ENV var? (think: Kiwi single test) 0 1 month ago by Neil Clayton
Johnathan Z Johnathan Z What's 'allocated heap size' (bottom lower right of screen)? 1 1 month ago by Anna Filippova
Johnathan Z Johnathan Z Search Everywhere only searches class names? 3 1 month ago by Anastasia Kazakova
Stefan Kerkewitz Stefan Kerkewitz Any chance of Ruby support in AppCode? 0 1 month ago by Stefan Kerkewitz
Stefan Kerkewitz Stefan Kerkewitz Inline Dialog broken? 5 1 month ago by Stefan Kerkewitz
Don Clore Don Clore Swift in AppCode 3 1 month ago by Anna Filippova
virtualspecies virtualspecies Auto-completion for editing HTML 5 1 month ago by virtualspecies
Idris Raja Idris Raja AppCode doesnt allow VIM based navigation in Read-Only files 5 2 months ago by Idris Raja
Peter Bone Peter Bone OSX 10.11 - El Capitan 2 2 months ago by Anna Filippova
Thomas Dubiel Thomas Dubiel AppCode 3.1.7 and Xcode 7 - showing false errors in coding 0 2 months ago by Thomas Dubiel
Jordan  Davies Jordan Davies Xcode 7 Beta - iOS Device 1 2 months ago by Anna Filippova
Saqib  Saleem Saqib Saleem Quick support 1 2 months ago by Anna Filippova
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