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Extensions Manager is empty on VS2015 Community 258 6 1 day ago by Bruno Silva
VS 2015 ReSharper 9.2 bulb is bugged 176 2 2 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
How to make Resharper intellisense show the same as VS's 18 0 2 days ago by Andres Duran Kenny Espinosa
Check class structure / fields first / autoproperties 15 0 3 days ago by Daniel Kress
How to install ReSharper excluding everything except the enhanced search/browsing? 25 0 3 days ago by Olivier Rouit
Templates Misbehaving 123 4 4 days ago by Mike O'Neill
Flagging use of C# operator possible? 33 0 5 days ago by Bob Bryan
Externial Annotations in R# 9 128 2 6 days ago by Scott Chamberlain
VS2015 and keyboard shortcuts 159 4 6 days ago by Zdeněk Havlín
Stylecop for R# 9.2 354 1 6 days ago by Matt Ellis
Difference between Live Template and Visual Studio Snippet? 38 1 6 days ago by Matt Ellis
9.2 C# formatting unusable: double spacing my files when formatting 40 0 1 week ago by Phil G
How to stop aligning single line comment with "end of line comment" in VS2015+R#9.0Update1 36 1 1 week ago by Sergiy Zinovyev
Locate missing Parentheses in VB.NET 17 0 1 week ago by Rachel Davids
Difference between InspectCode 8.1 and 9.1.2 command line version 16 0 1 week ago by Ganapathy Manickam
List of C# 6 settings to provide C# 5 compatible changes 139 3 1 week ago by Richard Deeming
Interface member 'Object Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Mvvm.IView.DataContext' is not implemented 17 0 1 week ago by Morten Foshaug
Auto implement all fields/properties of an interface in all the subsequent classes/interfaces that have implemented it 15 0 1 week ago by Ali Kashanchi
failed to login to the license server 21 0 1 week ago by popsy cheng
How can I stop Resharper from re-ordering my fields & properties only on certain classes? 82 2 1 week ago by supremegrandruler
ReSharper 9.2 EAP RC3 - No more 'New Folder' and alt + enter issue 170 2 1 week ago by Alexander DiMauro
nameof() formatting? 20 0 1 week ago by Michael DeMond
TFS Source Control integration missing in VS 2015 TeamCity plugin 30 0 1 week ago by Carel Lotz
Code being reformatted after "remove unused directives in file" 127 2 1 week ago by Andrew Stephens
Minor Bug in CodeCleanup logic exposed by Clone pattern in DAL library: would someone with access please create a bug? 14 0 2 weeks ago by Michael Prochaska
Auto semi colon 60 3 2 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
Resharper 9 and new line options not working 77 4 2 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
Clear Cache Needed Too Often 22 0 2 weeks ago by David Martin
Shortcut for "Jump to next TODO" 20 0 2 weeks ago by Volker Irmler
Performance, Stability and Oddities - ReSharper 9.x with VS 2015 265 5 2 weeks ago by Michael Leide
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