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Auto disable Reshaper based on the project name/sln file name 21 0 2 days ago by Michael Sync
Resharper 10 test runner annoyances 335 10 3 days ago by Alexander Kurakin
Settings / Options Suggestion: Search and/or Filter 28 1 3 days ago by Richard Deeming
ReSharper running all tests (not just current session)? 15 0 3 days ago by Radu Muresan
How to stop Resharper toggling between Enumerable.ToList and Select suggestion 23 0 4 days ago by Steve Culshaw
Code redundancy irony 22 0 4 days ago by Gavin Gregson
Event metod name 26 0 5 days ago by Michal Skrzypczyk
How to achieve formatting like Visual Studio 2015 collection initializers: 36 0 5 days ago by Marcin Smółka
Convert var to explicit type missing in v10 58 2 5 days ago by Laurence Frost
C# Enum formatting 28 0 6 days ago by John Leavey
Can't resolve symbol, but after code clean up I can, but after a while I can't again... 104 2 6 days ago by Dushko Stanoeski
ReSharper 10.0.1 Breakpoints not highlighting 26 0 6 days ago by Tuan Tran
The tilde doesn't show under errors when code analysis is off 21 0 1 week ago by gqq nb
Resharper does not see XAML StaticResources 21 0 1 week ago by Tomasz Bitowt
asmx namespace doesnt contain any public member or cannot be found 13 0 1 week ago by jaspal singh khokhar
List of C# 6 settings to provide C# 5 compatible changes 463 8 1 week ago by Daniel Demus
NUnit Runs Other Tests not in Session 24 0 1 week ago by Richard Seviora
Resharper completes with text that doesn't match what I typed 62 2 1 week ago by Mike Bridge
False positive "Lexical declarations require ECMAScript 6" error message 50 3 1 week ago by Ken Smith
Is the Regular Expression validation tool broken in 10.1? 47 2 1 week ago by David Razzetti
Unit Test Session does not show current status 34 0 1 week ago by Damien Murty
ReSharper 9.2 ctrl+click on string values opening decompiled string code 15 0 1 week ago by Stephen Jenkins
Selecting from multiple implementations of an interface using #if 12 0 1 week ago by Ed Landau
AutoData of AutoFixture NUnit2 works under resharper 8.2 and NUnit.Runners, but not resharper 9. 158 5 1 week ago by hackle wayne
Resharper 10 Build - Rebuilds everything when pressing run 143 3 2 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
C# this. qualifier being automatically removed after version 10 upgrade 163 1 2 weeks ago by Matt Ellis
Postfix template configuration 65 1 2 weeks ago by Matt Ellis
ReSharper Build for clickonce packaging? 62 1 2 weeks ago by Matt Ellis
Resharper slows VS down as I type in CSHTML files 218 2 2 weeks ago by Adrian Campos
Resharper 10: Nunit Tests not Running anymore 448 5 2 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
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