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Prevent resharper from placing closing bracket and beginning of line 5 0 2 days ago by Paul Hatcher
Settings layers confusion 5 0 2 days ago by Andrew Stephens
Why was Introduce Variable position moved? 49 1 3 days ago by Chris Marisic
Add property to IAttribute (or Add IPropertyAssignment to IAttribute) 80 4 3 days ago by Matt Ellis
How to auto-wrap C# comments when performing "Tools -> Cleanup code" ? 44 0 1 week ago by fxam fxam
Code inside C# Preprocessor Directives treated like dead code 92 2 1 week ago by Matt Ellis
TypeScript refactorings vs C# refactorings 64 1 1 week ago by Serge Baltic
Is there a fix for the ReSharper IntelliSense not working issue? 30 0 1 week ago by mkamoski
How can I keep ReSharper IntelliSense enabled after cleaning my working copy? 129 2 1 week ago by Justin Cole
Exception in multithreaded test and test still passes 165 4 1 week ago by Matt Ellis
File Layout save or export? 47 1 1 week ago by Alexander Kurakin
I'd like to turn off Resharper features in-place 24 0 1 week ago by Balint Nagy
Why does one of my SetupFixture class for nunit has a red strikethrough in resharper Unit Test Sesssion panel 118 4 1 week ago by Jens Odborg
"ReSharper disable once LocalizableElement" does not work properly 51 1 2 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
Annoying Intellisense behavior in Resharper 9.1.1 300 2 2 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
Resharper 9.0.0 intellisense 400 3 2 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
initializing int field with 0 is redundant. really? 40 0 2 weeks ago by zloi dooraque
Is there any way to make a ReSharper SSR pattern context sensitive 107 3 2 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
Symbol Navigation not working for specific classes? 98 1 2 weeks ago by Jed Lang
Jasmine runner + Angular + directive with external template 57 1 3 weeks ago by Jakub Malczak
Resharper 9.1 just as unreliable as 9.0, back to 8.x again... 588 4 3 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
Rename error due to read-only? 318 1 4 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
Resharper incorrectly suggests Roslyn (c# 6) changes 411 4 4 weeks ago by Scott Waye
Resharper Command Line Tools error 46 0 4 weeks ago by Matthew Owens
SSR horrendously broken 560 5 1 month ago by Philip Lee
inconsistent parameter names 35 0 1 month ago by Rachel Davids
How to navigate to implementation of generic interface for specific type? 55 2 1 month ago by Dick Nagtegaal
Disable Ctrl+Click Navigate 302 9 1 month ago by Chris Marisic
Idents and code formatting 70 1 1 month ago by Angelina Elycheva
Show return type in intellisense 47 1 1 month ago by Serge Baltic
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