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AspMvcPartialViewAttribute not working properly 18 0 3 days ago by Dan Pupek
Does the command line version of ReSharper process Optimize References? 15 0 3 days ago by Trevor Short
Resharper "Options" vs "Manage Options"? 56 1 4 days ago by Matt Ellis
Resharper adding extra { on Enter. 37 0 6 days ago by Phillip Ring
Unable to Uninstall Resharper completely 60 1 6 days ago by Sampath Lokuge
Duplicate tooltip items 29 0 1 week ago by David Chen
Code not reformatting after paste 60 1 1 week ago by Alexander Kurakin
Create physical document from settings 27 0 1 week ago by Michael Fraser
Remove duplicate resources 48 0 1 week ago by Joost Aarts
Unable to run R# NUnit tests while attached to IIS Express 103 1 1 week ago by raztus
InspectCode errors 222 3 1 week ago by Matt Ellis
Interpolated strings formatting error 72 1 1 week ago by Joshua Austill
No more voting for EAP builds? 47 1 1 week ago by Alexander Kurakin
How to apply educational license? 29 0 1 week ago by yamashiro
Resharper "rename" broken 29 0 1 week ago by Ahmed Aiman
No more perpetual licensing for Jetbrains products? 510 5 2 weeks ago by Jura Gorohovsky
How to use /ReSharper.Internal and Exception Browser 30 0 2 weeks ago by Jens Odborg
Razor layout reference incorrectly flagged as missing 96 2 2 weeks ago by Nathan Ridley
ReSharper 9.2 not respecting HTML tab indent size from VS Options when editing Razor 71 1 2 weeks ago by Slava.Trenogin
RS not playing the game? 45 0 2 weeks ago by Peter Hamilton-Scott
Refactor -> Rename is adding "this." to the front of variable names 60 1 2 weeks ago by Richard Deeming
Where is "always use var in foreach" in RS 9? 138 3 2 weeks ago by GreenMoose
Make "Go to Next Error" go to first error on the page 39 0 2 weeks ago by Abdu Bukres
Unity 5.2 Fails to load VS 2013 w/Resharper 9.2 Enabled 46 0 2 weeks ago by Stephen Hodgson
Error when trying to Debug: Command "Debug.Start" is not available. 156 3 2 weeks ago by Alexander Kurakin
Automate conversion to 'Format' Method 120 1 2 weeks ago by Matt Ellis
Many false positives in Xamarin solution. 50 0 3 weeks ago by Giorgi D
R# 9.1.1  VS2015 - "everywhere in file" causes unwanted format changes 70 0 3 weeks ago by Nathan Wilson
How to stop "Update Background Files"? 75 0 4 weeks ago by Nelson Lopes
Update background files 422 6 4 weeks ago by Nelson Lopes
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