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Extensions Manager is empty on VS2015 Community 5 3 1 hour ago by Matt Ellis
Remove unused references removes references that are dependencies of used nuget packages 53 3 22 hours ago by Matt Ellis
CSS initial Keyword not handled in v9.1.3 4 0 1 day ago by Adrien Cuisinier
Resharper 9 and new line options not working 6 0 1 day ago by izitmee
Windows Forms Designer VS2013 upd5 + Resharper 9.1.3 19 1 2 days ago by Klaus Luedenscheidt
Resharper should be smarter about line wrapping 11 0 3 days ago by Chris Marisic
disabling "access to a static member of a type via a derived type" for a whole type 4 0 3 days ago by Benoit FOULETIER
VB14 support 5 0 3 days ago by Rondis Kaalibas
Change (Implemement) Member Signature ToolTip Fore- and Background Color in VS2015 / R# 9 3 0 4 days ago by Joerg Battermann
TypeScript issues in 9.1.X 159 11 4 days ago by Anton Lobov
VS Community 2015 9 0 5 days ago by Mike O'Neill
Help with a custom code inspection 26 2 6 days ago by Jeremy Marsch
Resharper 9.1.2 and VS2015RTM 127 1 1 week ago by Jura Gorohovsky
nameof refactoring 21 1 1 week ago by Jura Gorohovsky
Visual studio env settings issue 17 0 1 week ago by Andrej Bourgasov
How to disable all code inspections introduced in R#9 by placing them into team shared setting file? 10 0 1 week ago by Adam Łepkowski
Is there a fix for the ReSharper IntelliSense not working issue? 133 1 1 week ago by Grant Drake
How to stop aligning single line comment with "end of line comment" in VS2015+R#9.0Update1 3 0 1 week ago by Sergiy Zinovyev
Templates Misbehaving 47 1 1 week ago by Matt Ellis
web api 2 call xUnit test warning 26 1 2 weeks ago by Matt Ellis
ReSharper is not recognizing { "allowUnsafe": true } in project.json 42 2 2 weeks ago by Nathan Ridley
InspectCode.exe ignoring /x parameter? 39 1 2 weeks ago by Matt Ellis
[Question] ReSharper code cleanup "To property with backing field". 32 0 2 weeks ago by Artur Malendowicz
Settings layers confusion 54 1 2 weeks ago by Matt Ellis
Creating a Team ReSharper Settings File based on Defaults 28 0 3 weeks ago by Gavin Graffin
Resharper false code-editor positives 274 2 3 weeks ago by Richard Deeming
Unit test sessions window - annoying tree-control behaviour - will it be fixed? 33 0 3 weeks ago by David Razzetti
ReSharper/JavaScript Issue: How can I remove a warning when function comes from another JavaScript file? 28 0 3 weeks ago by Jon Rothlander
Prevent resharper from placing closing bracket and beginning of line 65 0 1 month ago by Paul Hatcher
Why was Introduce Variable position moved? 78 1 1 month ago by Chris Marisic
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