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Redundant Redundant Redun... 15 1 15 minutes ago by Steven Liekens
SSR horrendously broken 2 1 19 hours ago by Steven Liekens
Idents and code formatting 2 1 22 hours ago by Ivan Konovalov
Resharper 9.1 just as unreliable as 9.0, back to 8.x again... 240 2 1 day ago by Grant Drake
Extract class from interface 26 1 2 days ago by Serge Baltic
Disable Ctrl+Click Navigate 76 2 2 days ago by Serge Baltic
Can you prevent certain assemblies from being included in Intellisense? 99 3 3 days ago by Grant Drake
"Namespaces that should not be removed" doesn't work 119 2 1 week ago by Théo Richart
Navigate to xaml rather than code behind 20 0 1 week ago by Scott Waye
Resharper 9.1.1 RC - unresolved binding path in XAML 192 5 1 week ago by Alex Berezoutsky
Suggestion - "remove unused X" should be deprioritised in context menus 26 0 2 weeks ago by Nathan Ridley
Resharper foreach - tab order 59 1 2 weeks ago by Serge Baltic
Resharper false code-editor positives 221 1 2 weeks ago by Richard Deeming
"Qualifier is redundant" False Positive 322 3 2 weeks ago by T C
resharper visual studio code for mac 63 1 2 weeks ago by Matt Ellis
Unit Test Runner failed to run tests 54 0 3 weeks ago by Eric Hood
Type layout sort by member variable type 100 4 3 weeks ago by Matt Feemster
How can one turn off View name prefixing during Code Cleanup? 17 0 3 weeks ago by mkamoski
How can one reorganize and sort code using Resharper? 51 2 3 weeks ago by mkamoski
CTRL-TAB behaviour 35 1 3 weeks ago by Serge Baltic
Extension Manager displays install success message, but extension is not installed 205 11 4 weeks ago by Serge Baltic
Command Line Tools clarification 62 3 4 weeks ago by Daria Dovzhikova
File layout region template 36 0 1 month ago by Michael Bendtsen
Javascript ES6 support, specifically const/let 99 3 1 month ago by Alexander Kurakin
Unit Test Sessions empty after solution reloads, can't get tests back 29 0 1 month ago by Colin Young
C# code formatting adding new line after ( and indenting to same column 104 2 1 month ago by Colin Young
Using CLR type name only when accessing static member, alias otherwise 61 1 1 month ago by Zdeněk Havlín
No code file analysis 268 2 1 month ago by Andy Wiesendanger
How to disable certain folders containing test code in resharper cli 47 1 1 month ago by Alexander Kurakin
Nuget support for R# 9.0 189 3 1 month ago by Matt Ellis
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