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Apr 15, 2015 RubyMine 7.1: Puppet Improvements, Better JavaScript and CoffeeScript, and More
Hello everyone, Today is a wonderful spring day, perfect for some good news: RubyMine 7.1 is finally out! Download and try it at your leisure. This release is focused on better integration with Puppet for managing project infrastructure, while also...
Apr 8, 2015 RubyMine 7.1 RC is Here!
Hello everyone, As of today we start the final countdown for RubyMine 7.1 release! Please welcome RubyMine 7.1 Release Candidate (build 141.564) that you can now download and try. With several bug-fixes, this version also brings two new features. First,...
Mar 27, 2015 RubyMine Satsuki Goes Beta!
Hello everyone, We’ve spent the last few weeks testing, fixing and polishing all the new features of the upcoming release. While some minor issues remain, Satsuki now feels like it’s ready to go Beta. So starting today RubyMine 7.1 Beta...
Mar 11, 2015 RubyMine Satsuki EAP: Vagrant and Debugger Bugs Are Now Fixed
Hello everyone, The next Early Access Program version of RubyMine SatsukiĀ (build 141.96) is ready to download and try. After working on all the new features supported in the first EAP build, we have now focused on bug fixing: More meaningful …...

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