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JRuby Warnings & Code Completion 43 4 1 day ago by makerberg
Rubymine global path mapping for project 28 3 1 day ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Cursor disappears and editing doesn't work in editor in RM 12 0 1 day ago by Hans Hofkens
Problem with basic refactoring 34 1 4 days ago by Dmitry Krasilschikov
How do I actually trim trailing whitespace? 32 1 1 week ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Gtk3 and autocompletion 43 3 1 week ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Is alternating opening a project with 7 and 8 supported? 44 4 1 week ago by brainjest
Why is starting RubyMine from the terminal a PitA? 52 2 2 weeks ago by Robert Birch
Anyone running windows10 with rubymine? 63 1 2 weeks ago by Jordan Hiltunen
How is the base template set? 19 0 3 weeks ago by Nick Middleweek
Debug Gem Command 109 6 3 weeks ago by Peter Ung
Project .ruby-version Settings: Cannot switch SDK. RVM SDK '2.1.2@frontend' wasn't found 46 1 3 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
What is a .generators file used for? 45 1 3 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Creating a new project runs /usr/bin/rails, not /usr/local/bin/rails 38 0 4 weeks ago by Todd Knarr
Unable to run Automation scripts - Throws error - NoMethodError: undefined method `describe_to' for nil:NilClass 99 1 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
RubyMine does not highlight ruby code in js.coffee files 52 2 1 month ago by Prolif Ovar
Remote SDK and environment variables. 56 2 1 month ago by drnull
How do I debug erb in yml 19 0 1 month ago by Nick Weavers
How do I run "bin/spring rails generate" ? 75 5 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Autocompletion doesn't fully work in Slim templates 61 1 1 month ago by Anna Kutarba
Local Gem not treated as Library Home (Non project-files) 190 3 1 month ago by Eric Simonton
Installing 7.1.4 blew away all my settings 32 0 1 month ago by Josh Cohen
Autocompletion for chef plugin doesn't work 135 7 1 month ago by Dieter Blomme
Indenting ERB templates as HTML 304 10 1 month ago by aricketson
How can I allow one line when and then statement. 53 2 1 month ago by Tetsuya Yuasa
How do I use the new Docker plugin within RubyMine? 83 0 1 month ago by Nick Weavers
Firefox quit unexpectedly. 80 1 1 month ago by elina lin
Pass the current editor file as argument to run config 75 3 2 months ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
JRuby 1.7.19 remote server/SDK w/Vagrant (IntelliJ w/ Ruby Plugin) 89 1 2 months ago by Stephen Sweeney
Support for Struct? 202 9 2 months ago by Dmitry Krasilschikov
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