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Pass the current editor file as argument to run config 8 0 13 hours ago by Andrea Campolonghi
JRuby 1.7.19 remote server/SDK w/Vagrant (IntelliJ w/ Ruby Plugin) 16 1 1 day ago by Stephen Sweeney
Support for Struct? 153 9 3 days ago by Dmitry Krasilschikov
Is debase & ruby-debug-ide better than byebug & debugger-xml? 27 1 3 days ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Debugger doesn't stop on JS and CoffeeScript breakpoints in my project 70 2 4 days ago by Mateusz Koślacz
How to update list of remote branches in git 73 2 6 days ago by larryh
Debugging With Rake Spec 99 6 1 week ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Unable to print STDOUT Ruby 31 1 1 week ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Top-level menus no longer accessible via hot keys 46 2 1 week ago by larryh
indenting more than once 115 5 2 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
When will RubyMine support Jruby 9000? 77 3 2 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
JavaScript debugging with middlemanapp 95 3 2 weeks ago by Fortunato Geelhoed
Keybind to skip past the end HTML tag 25 0 2 weeks ago by Timothy Jiang
How to save a file that has no changes? 127 10 3 weeks ago by Leon Miller-Out
.erb files do not format properly in editor? 192 12 3 weeks ago by William Hatch
Javascript sourcemaps and Breakpoints no longer work in Chrome 43 59 1 3 weeks ago by Vladimir Krivosheev
automatic Spring start with vagrant + rubymine 47 1 3 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Understanding "Continuation Indent" 119 7 4 weeks ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
"resolve merge conflicts" dialog box does not appear 72 2 4 weeks ago by larryh
SSLHandshakeException 40 1 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Running tests in RubyMotion Android project? 102 5 1 month ago by Anna Kutarba
RubyMine Alt-/ (dynamic abbreviation) shortcut issues 68 3 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
rake release breaks with github problem 66 1 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Firefox quit unexpectedly. 35 0 1 month ago by Dem Den
Ruby debugger fails to install 151 6 1 month ago by Jeff Carnes
AWS Ruby SDK Support 63 1 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
Completing selection is does not work with RubyMine 7.1.2 76 2 1 month ago by Yoshiaki Yoshida
After new RubyMine install, setup windows are blank 114 5 1 month ago by Rick Sewell
Rails server launcher wasn't found in project 135 7 1 month ago by Oleg Sukhodolsky
RubyMotion Code Completion 170 4 1 month ago by Anna Kutarba
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