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Non English language in Gherkin/Cucumber not recognized 51 4 1 day ago by Andrey Vokin
Rubymine hangs in Ubuntu 15.10 23 0 1 day ago by mohamed siddhiq
RubyMine keeps reverting to RubyMine 6 21 0 3 days ago by Leon Petrazickis
What is the fix target for the editor splitter resizing regression in 8.0? 103 5 6 days ago by Vassiliy Kudryashov
How do I launch RubyMine from an .sh script and RETURN? 72 3 6 days ago by George Sgouros
Can't create RubyGem project 30 0 1 week ago by Lucia Sarni
Is there a way to vote against "won't fix" bug? 53 2 1 week ago by Tetsuya Yuasa
Rubymine 8 color scheme gone 117 4 1 week ago by larryh
Path problems in embedded terminal 33 0 1 week ago by Andrew Hardy
RubyMine 8 problem with open file (command-shift-o) 51 1 1 week ago by Arne De Herdt
Set up schemas for MS SQL Server 38 0 2 weeks ago by Christopher Mendla
can you / How do you import the schema from the development/sqllite to production/MS sql server? 29 0 2 weeks ago by Christopher Mendla
trying to find the database tab 29 1 2 weeks ago by Christopher Mendla
Can you exclude the \temp folder from uploads? 28 2 2 weeks ago by Christopher Mendla
RubyMine 8: No colours on Terminal 46 0 2 weeks ago by Andre
Jumping Windows, El Capitan, RM 8 44 1 2 weeks ago by Raymond Parker
rake db:migrate:redo 52 1 2 weeks ago by Jage Schiff
Terminal window closes on command completion 30 1 2 weeks ago by Kiffin Gish
No Ruby interpreter configured for project 93 1 3 weeks ago by Seth Buntin
RubyMine Rails Console: how to view the output? 65 1 3 weeks ago by Peter Vlasov
Not sure how to implement plugin for what I need 24 0 4 weeks ago by Sam Woods
Database.yml with environment from dotenv 134 6 4 weeks ago by Michael Sprauer
Individual test with rspec 94 5 1 month ago by Andrey Vokin
Wasn't focusing on bugs supposed to be the big benefit of the subscription model? 141 4 1 month ago by brainjest
Cursor from editor to Terminal 93 3 1 month ago by Olga Kuvardina
Default working directory for all new projects 126 5 1 month ago by Olga Kuvardina
Extract Partial 90 3 1 month ago by Andrey Vokin
Diff Tool Visual Bug Comparing Commit 92 3 1 month ago by Olga Kuvardina
IdeaVim for Rubymine 7.1.4 stopped working after updating RM 76 1 1 month ago by Krishnan Kannan
Cannot install Rails 142 1 1 month ago by George Sgouros
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