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Creating a variable which persists between builds of a build configuration 11 0 1 day ago by James Burry
Integrating Amazon AWS CodeCommit with TeamCity 83 5 1 day ago by Ali Bolourian
Is there any way to get the stacktrace of failed tests using REST API? 10 0 2 days ago by Markus Neifer
TeamCity - Unable to login / rest api authentication error when switching to 64bit Java 19 0 2 days ago by Gavin Wun
Versioned settings -- difference between 'current project settings' and 'settings from VCS' 17 0 2 days ago by yk
How to use Git credential helper to access private repository 66 6 2 days ago by Dmitry Neverov
Xcode 7 & No suitable agents 59 8 2 days ago by Glen Simmons
Illegal status [403] while downloading 15 1 2 days ago by Dino LaMana
Need Advice - Selenium NUnit (nunit-console) Build Step Timeout Exception 43 1 3 days ago by Bradley Tate
Incremental builds take a very long time when the change causes a lot of modules to be built 51 3 3 days ago by Guy Marom
HOWTO: change Display mode of inherited typed parameter in builds 15 1 3 days ago by mar99
Teamcity not propagating project prompt parameters towards build configuration vcs checkout rules 48 5 4 days ago by Thomas Lazar
Upgrade swith 64-bit Java to 32-bit Java 14 0 4 days ago by Johan AftonstrÄle
Service process exited without service stop request 85 9 4 days ago by Johan AftonstrÄle
Access Build Stage results through Rest API 23 1 4 days ago by Sergey Pak
TFS wrong build.vcs.number.<root_id> 91 6 5 days ago by Alexey Nayda
Export a trx file on tests execution build step 30 2 5 days ago by Johann Lemmermann
Does TeamCity record how long a build had to wait for a compatible agent to become available? 5 0 5 days ago by Behrang Saeedzadeh
Set-AzureService : ForbiddenError: The server failed to authenticate the request. 158 16 5 days ago by Oleg Rybak
Set-AzureSubscription : The subscription doesn't exist. 71 4 5 days ago by Aakash Pawar
Teamcity installed on VM created in Azure 23 1 5 days ago by Aakash Pawar
Teamcity builds generate graphs from csv 23 0 6 days ago by abhishek upadhyay
TeamCity 9.1 REST API: List all available builds 21 0 6 days ago by Artem Nefedov
Error when checking out externals 13 0 1 week ago by Thomas Kehl
Does TeamCity support MySQL 5.6? 21 1 1 week ago by Pavel Sher
Build does not exist 50 3 1 week ago by Pavel Sher
JaCoCo configuration for source directory 60 6 1 week ago by Marcos Tarruella
Inspection count not stable when running same revision on same agent 11 0 1 week ago by Les Clewlow
Is there a way to get notified when someone changes a build configuration in TeamCity? 15 1 1 week ago by Sergey Pak
How to change an existing environment variable (e.g. PATH) of windows 57 5 1 week ago by Sergey Pak
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