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RubyMine extensions and themes made by users


Created on: Jun 3, 2009 3:37 PM by Roman.Chernyatchik - Last Modified:  Feb 4, 2011 1:34 PM by Roman.Chernyatchik

Here we collect links to different RubyMine extensions created by our users: color schemes, keymaps, useful ruby plugins, etc.

If you made something and think it would be useful for others, let us know (add comment here, send e-mail, whatever works for you) and we'll get it added.


1. HTML to HAML and CSS to SASS converters (by Alexander Shvets):


2. Different settings and several new live templates (by Brian Takita):


3. Modified Mac OS keyboard schema and new live templates (by Pivotal Labs):


4. Modified Mac OS and TextMate keyboard schemas, new templates and code styles (by Factory Design Labs):


Color Themes


To install a theme, download the corresponging xml file,  copy to ~/Library/Preferences/RubyMine10/colors/ (Mac OS X) or C:\Users\%username%.RubyMine10\config\colors\ (Windows) and restart RubyMine. Then go to IDE Settings | Editor | Colors and select your theme.


1. Green-chaud color scheme (by Hannes Rammer):


2. Dark Pastels color theme (by Ted Wise) with installation instructions:


3. Thinmint color scheme (by Nate Clark):

4. Mavenlink color scheme (by Pivotal Labs):

5. LessVibrantInk color scheme (by Factory Design Labs):


6. colorblind color scheme (by Factory Design Labs):

7. Twilighted color theme (by PerfectLine):

8. Railscasts color theme (by Kamal Fariz Mahyuddin):

9. Stellar color theme (by Christian Bradley):

10. Blackboard color theme (by Harrison Shoff):

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Behrang Saeedzadeh Behrang Saeedzadeh  says:

It would be great if we could also change the opacity of the background.

George NotGiven George NotGiven  says in response to Behrang Saeedzadeh:

I completely agree.  This would be a nice feature, particulary on Mac OS X.  Also, please allow the blur feature for lower opacities.


Can you please also make the other UI element's editable?  The various elements that do not use Mac OS X specific appearance could very much use a dark appearance as well for us Mac users.


Further, can you please include these dark themes in the system by default?

Tom Worster Tom Worster  says:

Here's a PHP script I wrote to use a color scheme from the web site as the basis for a custom editor color spec in PhpStorm. I bet it works for other JetBrainy tools.


You will almost certainly want to customize the script as well as choose your own color scheme in The $map array is where it all happens. Sorry I don't have element names for more languages.

Rodrigo Franco Rodrigo Franco  says:

Just released my low contrast theme 'Colonscopy'. Most people hate it, but you may like:

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