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Where can I download an old version of dotMemory?


Created on: May 14, 2014 4:04 PM by Olga Kosyreva - Last Modified:  Oct 24, 2014 1:59 PM by Ed Pavlov

dotMemory 4.1, released September 30, 2014: [download] [releae notes]



DMRY-454 — Copy node information to clipboard
DMRY-774 — Resolve and display static fields whenever it is useful
DMRY-2232 — StringInspection
DMRY-2264 — Add second copy action (Ctrl+Shift+C)
DMRY-2286 — Icons Color Scheme
DMRY-2317 — Enable/Disable collecting allocation data on the fly
DMRY-2363 — Allocation Tracking Indication UI  

Bug Fixes:

DMRY-2290 — 'Group by interface' view has issue with expanding and сollapsing nodes
DMRY-2310 — Mouse button scrolling doesn't work in "Group by Generations" view
DMRY-2335 — Scrolling on Snapshot View
DMRY-2142 — An exception has occurred during action 'OpenObjectSet' execution. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: shortDescription

dotMemory 4.0.10, released September 2, 2014: [download], [release notes]
DMRY-2200 — Add rename Analysis functionality
DMRY-2226 — WpfBinding INotifyCollectionChanged inspection
DMRY-2229 — x:Name WPF leak inspection
DMRY-2140 — Use platform Tab control in dotMemory
Bug Fixes:
DMRY-2208 — Fix Google analytics to correctly track unique users
DMRY-2209 — New Trial period: dotMemory trial day was activated after VS has been run
DMRY-2215 — Component CatalogType: JetBrains.dotMemory.EntryPoint [Singleton, Corrupted] construction has failed. Ein Aufrufziel hat einen Ausnahmefehler verursacht. "1,52150943396226E+16" ist kein gültiger Wert für diese Eigenschaft. Gültige Werte reichen von "Int32.MinValue" bis "Int32.MaxValue".
DMRY-2247 — EXCEPTION: Array dimensions exceeded supported range

dotMemory 4.0.5, released June 30, 2014: [download], [release notes]
Bug Fixes:
DMRY-2172 — Can't get RVA address (COM error 80131355)
DMRY-2179 — Can't get not nil IMetaDataImport interface

dotMemory 4.0.4, released June 17, 2014: [download], [release notes]
DMRY-1739 — Automatically add two first snapshot into comparison
Bug Fixes:
DMRY-1964 — Objects are skipped during profiling session while all allocations should be collected
DMRY-2101 — Realtime chart does not work in Profiler API mode
DMRY-2138 — Issue with objects contained in group by similar retention view
DMRY-2154 — Can't find enum value field (COM error 80131130)

dotMemory 4.0.2, released May 20, 2014: [download], [release notes]

Bug Fixes:
DMRY-2125 — dotMemory crashes on assembly with not standard header
DMRY-2128 — Profile startup project for WinStore apps leads to deadlock in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2
DMRY-2118 — Export workspace exceed 4Gb

dotMemory 4.0.1, released May 12. 2014: [download], [release notes]
Bug Fix:
DMRY-2125 — dotMemory crashes on assembly with not standard header

dotMemory 4.0, released April 24, 2014: [download]


dotTrace Memory 3.5 x64-version, released September 15th, 2010: [download]

dotTrace Memory 3.5 x86-version, released September 15th, 2010: [download]

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