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jmychasiw Newbie 57 posts since
Mar 13, 2003
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Feb 13, 2008 11:47 PM

Eclipse Plug Commit

I am still having problems getting delayed commit to operate.


This is a follow-up to issue:


I am running the version 3.1 EAP to address the resolved bug:

This seems to be solved.


Our current setup:

Within each eclipse workspace, we checkout multiple SVN directories as separate projects.


The remote runs properly, but the commit fails with the error:

Error: svn: Can't open file: 'c:\projects\V3_R1\.svn\entries':The system cannot find the path specified.


'V3_R1' happens to be the name of the eclipse workspace and does not have an .svn\entries.


For each SVN root I specify the following checkout rules:

DPS_OPS              +:.=>OPS

DPS_OPSBusiness   +:.=>OPSBusiness

DPS_OPSCommon       +:.=>OPSCommon

DPS_OPSConfig           +:.=>OPSConfig

DPS_OPSDatabase   +:.=>OPSDatabase

DPS_OPSShared         +:.=>OPSShared

DPS_OPSWeb         +:.=>OPSWeb



Any help would be appreciated.

Stefan Hansel Newbie 14 posts since
Jan 16, 2008
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Feb 14, 2008 8:29 PM in response to: jmychasiw
Re: Eclipse Plug Commit

We do have multiple projects in eclipse as well - but we have special buildfiles, that are able to checkout dependent projects. I suppose there is no way to tell teamcity which other projects it should checkout for one build.


Anyway - things get more complicated, if your 'master'-project is dependent on specific versions of the other projects. We use team-project-set (*.psf) files to track these dependencies. Since they are xml-files we convert them via XSLT to an ant script, that has the code for checkout.


If that again would work with TC delayed commits ? Don't know :-D ... I didn't dare to try it ...

Suppose maven would be the only alternative.

Alexander Kitaev Novice 362 posts since
Nov 10, 2002
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Feb 20, 2008 4:51 PM in response to: jmychasiw
Re: Eclipse Plug Commit



I apologize for delay with the answer. Teamcity plugin performs commit using Eclipse Subversion plugin, in particular Subclipse.


In general native Subversion client is not able to commit from different working copies in a single transaction - and in your case each project represent a separate working copy that are not connected with each other (i.e. their common parent directory has no .svn directory with Subversion administrative information).


Good thing is that Subclipse is able to make cross-wc commit, but only when it uses SVNKit (pure Java) "adapter". I think that enabling it in Subclipse preference will resolve the problem (see Window->Preferences->Team-SVN preferences page).


Another option is to check out parent directory of those projects outside of Eclipse and then import projects into Eclipse. In that case all projects will reside in a single working copy and cross-project commit should work.


Alexander Kitaev.

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