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Nov 9, 2011 5:05 PM

Prompt to set Flex SDK on existing projects after a git checkout/maven project creation



I hope I'm on the correct discussion branch.




Hi get this message every time I import a new project using git checkout and then a new project creation using maven as the sub-option. This might even happening only doing the second step of the maven project creation for an existing repo.

Either way I get this error for every single flex project I have opened, which means every time I follow the workflow described I have to click Yes for all the Flex projects I'm working on.

Is this a know bug? Anyone had similar issues?




Alexander Doroshko JetBrains 1,475 posts since
Jun 9, 2009


this forum branch is mostly for 3rd party plugins, better place is

Anyway, I'll answer here.


Am I right that you create project using New Project | Create Project From External Model | Maven | ...? Do you see wizard step asking for Project SDK?

You'll not see this annoying dialog if you have at least one Java SDK configured at File | Project Structure | SDKs (or if you configure it just at the respective wizard step). It is not absolutely obvious, but to work with Flexmojos projects IDEA uses Java modules with Flex facets. Java module needs Java SDK, Flex facets need Flex SDK, that's why some confision happens. We are working on better Flex Project setup, and first we probe it in dedicated product with code name Astella, available in early-access program. It doesn't support Flexmojos yet, but may be you'd like to try it:

Alexander Doroshko JetBrains 1,475 posts since
Jun 9, 2009

Yes, we think Astella will be more powerful for developers who do not need Java. It will preserve all features available in IntelliJ IDEA (including flexmojos) and add some more features that become possible because of completely new and more convenient project configuration. When Astella achieve release quality we'll integrate its concepts in IntelliJ IDEA, so Astella will become a subset of IntelliJ IDEA.

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