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Mar 9, 2012 8:25 PM

Code coverage for GWT Tests using Gradle



Is there something I need to do to custom test targets to get TeamCity to recognize them and get code coverage? 


I have my build running in TeamCity 6.5 and until I added GWT Tests, all of the code coverage stuff was working great (using the Intellij IDEA coverage runner).  When I added my first GWT test, I noticed that the coverage #s reported by TeamCity didn't improve at all.  Unfortunately TeamCity is completely ignoring my GWT tests.  


Since getting GWTTests to run in Gradle is still kind of uncharted territory, I published all of the details on how I did it here:




Note the "test.dependsOn(gwtTestCompile);" part.  When I run "gradle test" it runs all of my GWT tests first, and then the other regular tests.





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Mar 12, 2012 3:13 PM in response to: Ryan Shillington
Re: Code coverage for GWT Tests using Gradle



Are these tests reported by TeamCity at all? I mean, can you see them in build results?




After taking closer look at your setup, I have a few comments.


First of all, to get coverage data, you will need to replace the call to ant.junit with separate task, extending Test, e.g. task gwtTest(type: Test, dependsOn: gwtTestCompile)
More information on Test task can be found here. TeamCity will detect Test task and add jvm arguments to collect coverage data.


Also, I would replace direct call to ant.javac with properly configured Compile-type task. This way you will benefit from gradle incremental builds feature.


added some ideas on build script optimizations.

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