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2013-5-10 下午4:29

Generated headers cannot be resolved.

Hi there,


I'm giving AppCode a try and opened my XCode project. In this project setup, at build time, additional header files are generated and placed in the derived data directory of the target. This all works fine and the build completes without problems, but AppCode fails to index those additional headers. The directory is correctly listed in the "User Header Search Paths" in the project settings. It also seems to expand correctly - but the actual imports in the source files are shown red. I did confirm that the header files are actually there - it seems that only the indexer is not taking them into account.


Is there a setting that I'm missing?




Anton Makeev JetBrains 1,371 posts since
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2013-5-15 下午2:49 in response to: Michael Schneider
Re: Generated headers cannot be resolved.


could you please file a bug report and attach your xcodeproj file (xcworkspace file with corresponding xcodeproj file)?

We'll investigate and try to help you.

Artur Novak JetBrains 40 posts since
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2013-5-30 下午12:45 in response to: Michael Schneider
Re: Generated headers cannot be resolved.

Hi Michael,


Is current problem still actual for you?

If yes could you please provide any sample or at least describe the framework and classes you use. Seems that problem can be fixed with correct framework set up. Please take look at this issue

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