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2014-3-29 上午5:43

Ruby Mine remote debugging doesn't work with Rails

I'm a bit new to Ruby so maybe I'm doing it wrong. I have a local Virtual Machine which is where I have my rails app. And RubyMine is actually editing the local files on my host (which my VM also has access to through filesharing).


In RubyMine I went to Run/Debug Configurations and then I went to Defaults/Remote Debug (screenshot attached). There it says:


rdebug-ide --host 1234 --dispatcher-port 26162 -- $COMMAND$

remote host: localhost

remote port: 1234

local port: 26162

local root folder:



So I *think* that means I need to go to my VM, go to my project folder, and run that command with the rails server:

rdebug-ide --host 1234 --dispatcher-port 26162 -- rails s


When I do that I see:

Fast Debugger (ruby-debug-ide 0.4.22, debase 0.0.9) listens on


But then I noticed the rails server isn't actually running (which I go to the webpage nothing loads) and when I go back to RubyMine and press the Debug button it says "Error Running Development: No Rails found in SDK"


What am I doing wrong?

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2014-3-30 上午8:51 in response to: Arian Solberg
Re: Ruby Mine remote debugging doesn't work with Rails

I'm happy to hear that you was able to find the right way do to remote debugging (it means that our UI is not too bad

Also if you get reasonable performance while editing locally evailable sources of the project you may want to consider using remote sdk for such development

to get all power of RubyMine  


See http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/RUBYDEV/Configuring+Remote+Interpreters and https://www.jetbrains.com/ruby/webhelp/configuring-remote-interpreters-via-ssh.html

for more information.


Regards, Oleg.

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