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Aug 26, 2002 12:34 PM

Updating File Status API

I ran into a situation where the local files have been modified, a system error occurs or the file was introduced outside of IDEA, and now the IDEA does not recognize that the File Status has changed. 


If I check the StarTeam file status, it says "Modified".  If I check FileStatusManager it says "NOT_CHANGED".  I need to get the FileStatusManager to recompare the two files (local vs. StarTeam) and recognize that indeed the file on my local system is "Modified". 


How am I to do this?  I noticed that I can mark a file as up to date, but not modified or out of date.


I read the VCS OpenAPI vision statement and it makes sense to keep track of changes locally but it makes it rather frustrating when there is no way to force a refresh between the local filesystem and remote VCS.  The biggest reason why is that the "Check In" option is disabled so I am left with making some trivial change to the file again so that it changes status to "Modified".


On a side note, I found it very difficult to come up with my own solution be following the examples or the Javadoc.  When does Intellij expect to put some javadoc comments in the OpenAPI code?


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