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Feb 15, 2004
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May 3, 2004 11:38 AM

Flex Integration

At work we just recently decided to take a radical new direction with one of our projects, dumping lots of the old dhtml interface and switching to Macromedia Flex. 


What I would like to know is if anyone knows of any useful Tools, Tips, or Plugins for Flex development with IDEA. Flex is undeniably cool, but we're facing a pretty tight deadline for getting things done and I'd like to know if there are any tools to help make things faster/smoother.


I've already figured out how to get the xml schema for flex's mxml format into the idea resources, so it's easier to create and add tags to a document.

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May 3, 2004 12:55 PM in response to: Ronald Kinion
Re: Flex Integration

Ronald Kinion wrote:

Oh, for those of you reading this who never heard of flex, here is a url:




Right. I tried that URL, and got a site full of marketing bullshit. So i went to the "overview" link and got a flash presentation

shock full of acronyms and marketing bullshit. From bad to worse. Could you perhaps in a sentence or two summarize what flex is, and

spare our braincycles?




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May 3, 2004 8:53 PM in response to: "Christoffer \"Kreiger\" Hammarström "
Re: Flex Integration

In short Flex is flash compiler that cost you 12.000$ per CPU. Serevr compiles SWF once (yes it uses server resources) and passes it to the webbrowser.

MM call that "enterprise", RIA (rich internet application) + some more mumbo jumbo.

Similar products that exist some longer is laszlo server:


They both use XML and embedded action script as source files, some people found that nice:



So, if you remember MM Generator from few years ago (java based flash server) that had a base price starting at something like 40.000$, later slashed to 20.000$, later slashed to even less and finally dismissed as a product, than you can  predict which way flex will go..

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